Dignity in Maternity Care- The Basics You Deserve

For most women, including me, pregnancy & childbirth are extremely vulnerable moments of life. There’s a cocktail of emotions one experiences: excitement, joy, happiness, a bit of nervousness. But what not many openly talk about is that amongst the crazy rollercoaster of ambivalent emotions, one major fear always hovering over the mind is of losing […]

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10 Engaging Activity Books for Toddlers

I think I have got incredibly hooked to exploring new books for our kids and couldn’t resist sharing our experience with a new found ‘secret weapon’ – Activity Books!   Be it a big lunch out or a long car journey or simply a no-stepping-out-of-the-house kind of weather, these fabulous engaging creative activity books that offer […]

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Effects of Cartoons on Children

It all starts from “just 10 minutes”. Then slowly as your infant grows into an adamant fussy eater, the window goes to “just meal time”. And before you could gauge what’s keeping your child busy all the time, you would see your kid glued to cartoons. It’s an addiction, trust me! These fast-paced, colorful, engaging […]

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