Cultivating Good Habits In Kids

I am sure you would agree that parenting comes along with a humongous & critical responsibility of helping our children live on the right path. And this path is chosen by nothing but the little choices that we make at every step. And guess what? These little choices are nothing but our habits! Habits are […]

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5 Books To Read To Your Children before they turn 10

Books- the world of hopes, dreams, fairytales, failures, ambitions, learnings and possibilities…undoubtedly we millennials understand the importance of reading books to children. A great book can make an emotion, a problem, or situation that is abstract to your child, concrete, real, and most importantly, solvable. However, there are some books that stay with one forever. […]

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Helping Your Child Deal With Bullies & Preventing Them From Becoming One

“Bullying amongst children? Oh they are just kids! “ Have you come across such reactions with raised eyebrows when you try to find a solution to your child’s situation? Well, for a long time “bullying” per se has been associated with only teenagers and college-goers. Unfortunately, for younger children, “bullying” is simply labeled as ‘being […]

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