If you have a 5 year old at home, you would know how drastically life changes for these kindergarteners. All of a sudden you would feel interacting with a kid who can spin you around with zillion questions, while at the same time wanting to be let loose like a toddler. And when it comes to picking up the perfect gift for them, one is left in a total fix! So here’s an easy gift guide for 5 year olds basis my personal picks for my twins who recently turned 5.

Most 5-year-olds are starting kindergarten and exploring new subjects and ideas in school for the first time. They’re developing skills and more-specific interests that open up new gift-giving possibilities.

When it came to deciding gifts for our kids’ 5th birthday this year, I wanted to pick up things that are in sync with their budding interests, while also stuff that helps them make connections between what they’re exposed to in the classroom and what they experience in the world around them.

While Learning is at the centre of a 5-year-old’s life, but that doesn’t mean you need to seek out so-called educational toys and kits only as gifts for 5 year olds. Kids are naturally benefitted from anything that stimulates their interest.

So here’s our pick of things aimed at keeping them busy & active and are fun to do with family as well.


Gift Guide for 5 year olds


1. Indoor Football Table Game 

Perfect pick, specially with two kids, this indoor football table game is a great way to teach children about basics of soccer. It’s sturdy yet compact and can be stored easily when not in use. We picked this one.

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2. LED Wrist watch

This lightweight watch comes with attractive LED lights- something that I knew would be an instant hit with our 5 year olds. Plus this is a good stage to introduce kids to the skill of time telling.

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3. MagPad

We are virtually off the writing doodle stage now, but I found this magnetic writing pad to be quite different and interesting. It comes with a magnetic stylus that pulls up metallic balls in each hole that lets one make patterns or designs. I am so glad I picked this one because it’s one toy that checks all important skill sets of early learning- fine motor skills, STEM learning, hand eye coordination etc. Plus it’s eco-friendly and travel friendly!

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4. Pomsies

I had to give in to my daughter’s request to get one of such plush interactive toys, but trust me, it’s one of the cutest creatures I have seen. I just couldn’t deny this cute-sy toy that can tell your child when they feel tired, cold, or hungry with adorable light-up eyes, purring, and cute sounds. It reacts to touch too!

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5. Puzzles

Birthdays become a reason for us to upgrade to the next level of puzzles. I picked this one from kids’ favourite cartoon character series. I also added this puzzle to introduce them to the map and names of different states.

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6. Document/ Stationary Holder

As basic as it may seem, but some things are to be gifted to instil important lifeskills like being organised and independent. And that’s why I had to add this to the gift guide for 5 year olds as a wonderful option.

With kids learning from home this academic year, I noticed a lot of worksheets, art papers etc being used and it was just getting impossible for me to get hold of things for both the kids. So I added one of these folders for each in their gifts on the birthday. I filled these with a few basic stationary stuff as well. It’s fun to see them maintain their respective folders and keeping their utilities in these now. I see them to be a lot more organised this way.

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7. Walkie Talkie

Another addition to my gift guide for 5 year olds because this is one gadget your little one is going to enjoy to the core. Honestly, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical about the quality, but then I picked this one and it’s going steady so far. It’s a great gadget if your kid is fond of detective games, role-plays etc.

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8. My Little Pony- Rarity Mirror Boutique

This one was for our Little Missy for her love for My Little Pony. I particularly liked this playset that comes in the shape of a hand-held mirror (which I knew she would admire and go ga-ga about!). It’s got 10 accessories and is a perfect fold-and-carry toy for the little one.

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9. Books

Books have always been our go-to option for gifting purpose. They not only help early readers in enhancing vocabulary, but also ignite their interest in varying topics. We picked this one, specially for our daughter for her love for canines. I will be soon sharing a lot more options in books for 5 years old in my upcoming post.

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10. Spirograph design set

For my love for art and drawing, I added this set for kids to explore intrinsic designs and patterns. It’s someway quite close to an early introduction to mandala art. The set is sturdy and comes in an easy-to-store box (such an important criteria for me to consider before buying anything for kids these days!).

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11. Monster Truck Car

When it comes to cars, there’s never enough for a 5 year old! Little one had been eyeing this sturdy rugged monster truck car for a while and I knew this would get him zooming around for sure.

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12. Barbie Swingset Playset

A perfect playset that keeps both my kids busy for a long long time. Plus this one doesn’t have too many small parts to handle later on- quite sturdy, engaging and versatile.

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Hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for your 5 year old!

Which one of these suggestions did you like the most? Do you have any other recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts in comments below.

Go Mommy!

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