5 Tips on Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

Parenting Gen Z? Well, then there’s a high probability that you must have encountered this ‘magical’ moment (Or if you are like me, mommying ‘Gen Alpha’, then the time is not too far for us too!). May be not a magical moment for you as a parent but definitely something your child had been anticipating. […]

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Germ Art using Blow Painting

My mommy-brain works the best on weekends and I think I am at my creative supreme when I have ample time in hand to be spent with kids. So last weekend we thought of taking one of our current favourite books a step further by combining it with some fun activity. As such, Blow Painting is […]

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Rote Learning In The 21st Century

“You know what, he can tell names of all the capitals of the world in less than a minute!” chirped a satisfied millennial mum describing the impeccable qualities her 4-year old possesses, thanks to his photographic memory. Parents in a rote environment are happy if their child has memorized capitals or currencies of every country […]

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