I am a working mother of twins, interested in exploring and bridging the gap between our notion of the ‘Ideal Worker’ and the ‘Ideal Mother’ and advocating for positive changes in our community and culture.

With a loving partner, successful growing career and comfortable life, our babies were kind-of late entrants in our small little world. And this transition from being a wife to a mother did not just happen overnight.

I have always liked to believe that I am a person capable enough to take control of any situation.I said “I liked” because that’s the way I perceived myself. But that was before our munchkins entered our lives!

Being a mommy is not an easy task and keeping an optimistic attitude between tantrums, food spills, house chores and expectations of your workplace is next to impossible. But that’s what this blog is all about, finding the beautiful balance in your chaotic lives. Tips on pregnancy, Parenting, healthy recipes and sharing my experiences for the benefit of everyone.

Go Mommy!