I will be the first to admit, math is not my strongest suit. When I was young, numbers scared me. I have always been a language girl. Probably that’s why I make an effort to make math fun for my kids. I hope they don’t grow up with number fears! And that’s how I came up with this DIY 3-in-a-row Number Game for Kids.

If you come to think of it, Math is not just about numbers & formulas, and games is one way we can experience the beauty of math all around us.

So here’s a fun game to play with numbers along with one of the biggest attractions for kids… S.T.I.C.K.E.R.S ! Yay!

How to Play DIY 3-in-a-row Number Game

Number of Players required- 2

Things required-

  1. Dot Dominos 
  2. Dice (2)
  3. Stickers (preferably of two different colours or designs to give to each player)
  4. A tray or any plain base 

And of course Happy and charged up kids 🙂

How to play-

  • To begin with, place the dominos randomly on a plain base (I used a small chalkboard) as a 5×5 matrix.
  • Give 2 separate set of stickers to the players. I gave smileys to one and stars to another. So basically you can call it 2 separate team codes.
  • The child should roll the dice. They add the numbers that come and identify the number represented by the dots on the die with the laid down dominos.
  • Tag that domino with respective team sticker.

Then the 2nd player’s turn & so in.

Winner is the person who gets first set of 3 stickers in a row – it can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 

Through this Number game, a few skills that we worked on-

  1. Subitizing
  2. Addition
  3. Mental maths
  4. Logical thinking (how to place the sticker to have 3-in-a-row)


For younger kids who haven’t been introduced to addition, you can use only 1 dice and let the child identify the corresponding number on the dominos.

Also, if you don’t have dominos or stickers, make such dots on squares on a white board and use dot markers. Then the player will dot the number with their dot marker. 

Hope you liked this simple number game and your kids enjoy it too!

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Go Mommy!

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