DIY Magnifying Glass | STEAM Activity for Kids

Remember the DIY Dinosaur fossils that we created few days back? You can read about it here. Kids learnt about fossils and extinct animals and also came across a new term “Paleontologist” through that activity. So ofcourse the next step had to be role play. While playing Paleontologist or archaeologist or even a detective is one of […]

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Best Natural Baby Lotion- Our Top Picks

Well, if you thought that the fears of choosing the gentlest and safest baby products is only for new moms, welcome to the world of parenting toddlers. A stage where day is not complete without running around, getting sweaty and then letting it out in long showers! And the end result- scaly, dry and dull […]

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Benefits of Being a Twin Parent

I have a secret. I must confess I have (have been) enjoying some not-so-talked-about benefits of being a twin parent. No, no, it isn’t the obvious “efficiency factor”(one pregnancy, one birth) thing, but something more about advantages of parenting twins! Benefits of Being a Twin Parent First, you don’t need to sign up for a gym, […]

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