DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With Your Kids

And here we are…celebrating the end of one of the most adventurous, unexpected and vulnerable years of our life. The year 2020.  While most part of this year has been spent with family quarantined at home and creating lots of memories together, there’s nothing that beats the fun of crafting together. And that too when […]

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Guess How Many? DIY Math Game for Kids

When it comes to numbers, there are so so so many ways that mathematical functions & concepts can be shared in the simplest ways to children. Numbers can be explored all over the place in a child’s world ! And here’s one such simple yet highly interactive and entertaining game for kids. Guess how many? […]

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DIY 3-in-a-row Number Game for Kids

I will be the first to admit, math is not my strongest suit. When I was young, numbers scared me. I have always been a language girl. Probably that’s why I make an effort to make math fun for my kids. I hope they don’t grow up with number fears! And that’s how I came […]

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