Multiplication tables, alphabets, formulae, periodic table…..what is the first emotion all these things bring to your mind? If you are like me, I am sure it is none other than stress! The early conditioning of our minds to learn through repetition is what is known as Rote learning. And most of us have been raised with this technique of learning.

Parents in a rote environment are happy if their child has memorised capitals or currencies of every country or some tongue-twisting dinosaur names. They are seldom happy when their kid has figured out how to dismantle and re-organise a TV remote! Genius in children is rarely celebrated.

It will not be wrong to state that more often than not, Parents find curiosity silly and weird. Because parents have forgotten curiosity. Movies, news channels, office gossip, competition has taken away their capacity to conceive genius.

But how relevant is Rote learning in the current scenario?

Education before the internet age was all about knowing things or facts. It was believed that at a particular age children should have a certain amount of knowledge. 

 But as a millennial parent, I know for my child’s analytical and cognitive skill development, there’s a need for access to education which is holistic, and enables practical application. 

To be successful, our children need to be creative. Skills like collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication are fast taking over techniques like rote learning, mugging and cramming.

With rote learning, the trouble is that it is not nearly good enough in the long run. Mugging alone does not encourage children’s creativity, questioning, ability to connect old and new knowledge, or problem-solving – all important skills for any career path and for life in general.

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And this is giving way to a relatively new method of learning- PC-enabled learning – a relatively new teaching method adopted in schools. It is a much more sensory,  interactive and immersive learning technique, encouraging students to be active and attentive all through. Unlike rote learning, this involves long-term and comprehensive understanding of the concepts. The focus is more on making sense of abundant information that these students have, sharing and using it in smart ways.

With interactive PC based learning, the paradigm shift is as simple as merely reading about science, history & geography viz a viz watching historical documentaries, taking virtual field trips in Geography and science based interactive PC games.

Pathbreaking initiative by Dell – Aarambh

Dell India believes that all children deserve an education that prepares them for life. 

Powered with the aim of eradicating rote learning and increasing PC access in the country, the brand launched a progressive pan-India initiative Dell Aarambh which is aimed at spearheading the use of PC for education. The main objective of this initiative is to equip parents and teachers with vital PC usage skills and provide them necessary training and knowledge to use computer technology with confidence, both at school & at home. 

A PC, equipped with a good educational software can transform the entire teaching-learning process, making it much more easy, active and interactive. While it aids a practical way of learning for kids, it’s a big boon for teachers as well as they can make class presentations, show live interactive videos, save notes, prepare assessment worksheets using various Internet resources, track student’s progress anywhere, anytime, etc. This is not just to defeat the age-old system of mugging and rote learning but to also make our education system much more creative, fun and engaging.

And taking this revolutionary initiative a step further, Dell is celebrating #DellAntiRoteDay, a day to put spotlight on PC-enabled interactive learning and make people aware of its benefits. With an increased use of computers in school, students think out of the box for problem solving, becoming better collaborators and future proofing their career. Students engage in a more practical approach to learning by engaging in virtual tours, videos, quizzes and apply concepts learned in theory.

As a Parent I would suggest rather than seeing technology as a threat, we should embrace the idea of using it as an additional tool for education purposes. With today’s technology, devices are no longer boring machines that dull our imagination but rather redefine our learning methods. Including interactive learning tools into the traditional mix only makes learning more fun and easy as it was before. So, design a mix that works best for you and your children!

And if you are still wary about how to begin and where to begin, head to this fun webinar for parents by Dell Aarambh. The webinar will help you understand how to create an online learning environment at home. Register here!

Go Mommy!

29 comments on “PC learning instead of Rote Learning- the Way Forward”

  1. Interesting article. I became a mama last year, so my son is still too small, but that’s definitely something to consider when he gets older and starts learning. Thank you for opening my mind about it.

  2. Good of you to remind us about the importance of holistic education that encourages creativity in our children. Nice of Dell to champion it in India.

  3. Mugging and cramming helps only as a short term trick. but indepth understanding comes only by interactive visual learning.

  4. Traditional way of teaching will not applicable today when things are changing at a fast pace. Kids have more resources and technology is at their finger tips. Webinars are a great way to teach concepts. Sometimes along with theory, audio visual methods add that extra touch which helps the kids in understanding the concepts.

  5. I definitely learnt by rote up till teenage years and I still remember most of what I learnt today. Still, learning to understand is the best for children other than the rote learning and punishment that was meted out to us.

  6. I’ve always felt that rote learning lets children down when it comes to preparing children for life, they need skills like problem solving and critical thinking if they’re going to thrive in our fast paced world x

  7. Children are visual learners. They understand lessons better if there are interactive videos, pictures and stories. This is a good initiative by Dell. Thanks for letting us know.

  8. Thanks for the information. The next generations should definitely be doing more on the PC when it comes to learning. We’re see that simply because of the times we’re in.

  9. This is actually informative, Students who learn with meaningful learning are able to problem solve better than those who learn by rote. … Cognitive skills are what students use to evaluate, analyze, remember and make comparisons. In the long run, meaningful learning is the most effective way for students to engage in learning.

  10. This is such a great initiative by dell and it is really way better option than rote learning. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information with us, will explore about it more for sure.

  11. This is a great innovation. The schools in our country were closed due to the pandemic. We’re looking for resources online so we can home school her. I’m signing up for the webinar!

  12. Launching a PC equipped with teaching software to aid Teachers and students is really a good initiative by Dell Arambh. I am really keen on checking this out and making learning a more interesting experience for all.

  13. This is an insightful post regarding PC enabled learning. indeed this version of learning has brought back the charm and fun of study in kids and parent’s life again, appreciate the move Dell Aarambh.

  14. Nowadays situations are like that PC leaning is the only option and the parents and kids have to be the technology-friendly for easy access. Dell and with a great initiative. It will help parents and kids both.

  15. The times are changing and technology is the way forward. We definitely need to understand how to make the best use of technology to enhance learning. Appreciate this wonderful initiative by the brand.

  16. One of the unique initiative by Dell. The new generation as well as the current time both need such learning is going to stay avail it first prerequisite is a PC

  17. I am glad that times are changing and brands like DELL are taking such a wonderful initiative for our coming generations. This is a need of the hour and I am sure it will make learning all the more fun.

  18. It’s so important to adopt new technology and make the best use of it. I totally loved the initiative !!

  19. I believe technology is not outrightly hazardous. In fact there is so much of information available on internet these days which I feel was not there in our school time. Ratafiction should not be promoted at least now.

  20. I remember learning word by word without even understanding what it is for and what it meant. Its good to know we are following better techniques of learning nowadays with technological advancement.

  21. Rote learning is an old school method of education which is not valid and practical in today’s challenging environment. Glad to know about the learning process by this initiative, thanks for sharing.

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