Teaching letters is fun and all, but the excitement kicks in when kids start reading CVC words!

You may know from my stories these days that little ones have taken to reading lately and I’ve been trying to find activities that  challenge them and also keep the interest element in place. 

Sometimes super simple activities are the best. This week I set out some different CVC words activity for kids and not only did they enjoy it, they got along, helped each other and in no time it’s become a family game for us!

Roll and Read CVC Word Chart

This #diy Roll & Read CVC word chart is a perfect activity especially when you have 2 or more kids in house. 

What you need-

  1. A thick coloured sheet 
  2. A marker
  3. A dice 

Just chart out CVC words against each number. Child has to roll the dice, match it on the chart by counting the dots and read the words against it. 

You  can make it more challenging by setting up a timer ⏱ eventually.

It was such a fun game as kids used the 🎲 for the first time and loved shaking it around and rolling it out.


  1. CVC words reinforcement
  2. Puts maths calculation skills to use
  3. Reusable activity that can be carried during outings or 🚗 travel 
  4. Use of 🎲 Improves visual perception and manual dexterity 
  5. Great family activity 

Try it out and let us know your experience.

Go Mommy

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