Five must-have toys for infants

five must have toys

Toys, just like music & books, help keep the baby engaged. In this post I will include the must-have toys for infants. With such a wide range and endless options to choose from, selecting a toy for your little one can be an overwhelming and expensive affair.While eventually it’s the household stuff like utensils, bowls […]

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Five must-have books for infants


While doing up the baby room and making preparations for welcoming the baby in its new home ( outside mommy’s tummy), it is always a great idea to add a few books. (Check out DIY ideas for decorating Baby Play room)   Reading boosts development of brain and acts as a great engagement activity between […]

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Babies & Books


We have all known the importance of books in one’s life and that books are a person’s best friends! This holds true for your babies, your little ones as well from the very beginning. The way we start speaking and singing lullabies to the baby from day one, likewise reading books can be a great way […]

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Arrival of our Twins


“Oh my God.. laddoo & barfi??!!!!” … I exclaimed! And for a second my doctor seemed clueless as she held our twins. Okay, no, I am not talking about the Indian sweets that are to die for! This was the reference to my twins – boy & girl – who came in this beautiful world […]

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Two is a company – Tale of our Twins

Twins? Wow! Really!!!??? Well, yes, I am sure to be not kidding when I share this piece of news with you my dear friends! But this is exactly what the first reaction is when a news of twins is disclosed! I think this is because the trend of multiples is still not very common in […]

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