Wow! It’s such a delight to see the little one growing up so fast! A lot has been happening around in baby’s development at this stage. While your baby’s horizon is expanding and s(h)e is learning new activities, it is important to add relevant engaging books in your library. So here I am sharing 8 must have books for 1 year old basis my personal experience!


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Must have books for 6-12 months old

  • Most babies start sitting at around 6 months
  • These teeny weenies are sensory creatures at this stage. They are curious about new textures, appearances, the feel – basically about everything !


Ideal books : interactive touch & feel books

Animals (Baby Touch and Feel) : Soft, sturdy and perfectly sized for those little fingers, this book is the best way to introduce your baby to the world of animals. Let their tiny hands roam over furry puppy, scaly fish, slimy snail and striped zebra! With varying textures covering 12 animals and related sounds, this is a perfect book that your little one will adore!

What more, the padded hard cover makes this book “chew-proof” to a large extent!  Buy it here


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle:  Think of that basic little black dress in your wardrobe: yes, this classic bestseller is synonymous to that. It’s a must have in your kid’s library. The “eaten” holes in the pages, beautiful graphics and simple text with educational themes covering days of the week, counting, foods and a butterfly’s life stages make this book distinctive. And for fussy eaters, this book works great as a high chair meal-time read as well with an underlying story of a caterpillar having a stomach ache after eating a wide variety of junk food!   Buy it here

Noisy Trucks : Guess what? You don’t need to do any more “beep beep” and “vroom vroom”! Tots can touch, feel and press buttons to hear honking horns, churning cement mixer and truck sirens!

This chunky interactive board book has attractive pictures, appealing touch & feel and exhilarating vehicle sounds – a one of its kinds book and definitely a must-have in your collection.
Buy it here



Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert: Bright colours, geometric shapes and simple graphic animals – this book is a creation of a genius. A unique concept of page cut- outs unfolding 9 disctinct  animal heads has been done in an appealing way.

The book is not just about colours, shapes and animals, it’s sure to tingle the creative bent of your baby by opening windows to the world of imagination. Buy it here



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Must have books for 1 year old

  • By the time baby is around 1 year old, you would possibly have a bedtime routine. It’s great to read out books to babies just before sleep.
  • The attention span of babies is quite low though- ranging from 3-5 minutes may be. So try and read for short time but frequently. Kids love repeation at this stage.

We used to, and even now, ask our kids to pick the book they want to read. And it’s the same book again & again at times! It might get irritating for you to read the same thing over and over again, but that’s how babies learn- by repeatition!

Ideal books:

  • Lift the flap pop up books
  • Rhyme, rhythm and repeation are their favourites

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr : Sing song text with endearing animal pictures makes this a simple “read- aloud” book. Use of bold colours with simple rhythmic and repeatitive tone is sure to make this book one to treasure and will fast become the essential book for baby playtime.

The question-answer format keeps the baby engaged in the reading process. Buy it here


Happy Baby: Words by Roger Priddy: This is another of my favourite from the Priddy series. Clear bright coloured pictures relevant to a 1 year old baby’s surroundings- this book is a perfect way to introduce tots to words and the world around them. The book goes through basic words related to body parts, face, clothes, food, playtime, pets, colors, bath time, bedroom and bedroom. Soft to touch cover makes it for an easy read or play by the baby itself. What I like about Priddy books is the fact that it’s not just about cartoonish pictures – the babies shown in books are real pictures and thus very relatable by the reader. Also, while picking up a “word” book, avoid a bigger vocabulary book- it gets too much for the baby to start with. This one fits the best in your library at this stage!

And get ready Mommies, your baby’s first word might come from this book. Buy it here

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Where’s Spot by Eric Hill : This is one of the best “lift-the-flap” books I have come across. The story is about mommy dog looking for her mischievous pup Spot and finding 8 other animals hiding around the house in the process. Fun interactive flaps conceal each animal hidden in different furniture items. While reading out you can mimic sounds of opening the doors, unlocking the trunk etc and of course the animal sounds.

It’s a fun bedtime book with pop-ups and flip-flops- that’s what kids like, isn’t it? Buy it here



Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow : This goofy rhythmic story of five bouncy bed-jumping monkeys is sure to become your family anthem! Repeatitive phrases, wonderful illustrations and humorous storyline keeps the babies engaged.

Kids love to shout ” No more monkeys jumping on the bed”.

This is a classic rhyme in picture book form and a must have in your collection. Buy it here

Do you have suggestions for books that you baby loved? Please share in the comments below.

Go Mommy!

Looking for Books for Infants (0-6 months)? Read our other Post ‘ 5 Must-Have Books for Infants

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