It’s feeding time mommies! To keep the spills and mess at bay, I thought I would share some of our favourite baby feeding essentials up to this point. We as new parents learnt mostly from our experiences (I mean hit & trial )when it came to parenting. We tried several products to aid us in this new adventure. I can’t say that all of them have been great, but we certainly tried a lot! So I hope by sharing this piece of information, it would benefit you all.


With incredible number of feeding products in the market , let’s get to some essentials for feeding (Well, ya, they are as essential as food!).

Let’s get started…


1. Small sized pressure cooker: Baby food is to be prepared in small quantities and several times in the day. It’s always advisable to feed fresh-cooked food to little one. Having a small handy pressure cooker makes it quick and easy! From khichadi to steamed vegetables- this one equipment is a must have. We bought Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminum Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Litres and are using it to the best.


2. Hand blender: First few months babies prefer puréed food. This gadget is a must have in your kitchen when it comes to preparing home cooked food for your baby. Go



Go Mommy Tip : it’s best not to invest too much in buying an expensive model as the baby would be moving on from puréed food in 3-4 months. Also, try to keep this aside exclusively for baby food as regular household food that’s prepared involves lots of spices etc.



3. Baby high chair: Meal time is a bonding time in our families. High chair lets you pull up the baby to dining table. This helps boost baby’s eating and social skills. Pick one with ultimate comfort, features foot rest, multiple modes of height adjustment, back rest positions, removable meal tray for easy cleaning and is fussfree while folding. Don’t forget- this is going to be your child’s favourite seat from 6 months through atleast 4 years!

Go Mommy  recommends R for Rabbit Marshmallow – The Smart High Chair. Sturdy harness and catchy pop color makes this a must have for your little one.

Booster seat works great in case of space constraint. I prefer high chair though as it’s a bit more safer, but booster seat is a perfect solution when it comes to space. Also it’s portable! You can carry it along while travelling or generally eating out in a restaurant. Pick a good quality one that is light and easy to use.


4. Bibs & napkins: This is an absolute must, else you would end up changing baby’s clothes after every meal . I would recommend MEE MEE BIBS made of non toxic plastic  over cloth ones as they need to be washed after every single use. Also while travelling, plastic bibs come handy keeping away the hassles of washing. So skip regular cloth bibs and buy plastic/ silicon ones that can wiped clean easily and have a pocket on front to catch any spills ( trust me, it’s almost half of the meal that babies spit out!).

Pick soft napkins they are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. You may need to clean the baby a lot of times while feeding, so keep a handful around.

Go Mommy recommends Carter’s Soft Napkins for Cleaning your Baby


5. Steriliser : Basic hygiene is of supreme importance when it’s about babies. At this age they are extremely prone to falling sick because of contaminated and unhealthy surroundings. Sterlusing utensils and feeding equipments is thus utmost important. Since we were using Avent feeding bottles and had purchased Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer alongside, we use the same for sterilising  feeding bowls & spoons.


6. Feeding bowls & spoons, suction bowls : Try to start with spoon that can hold small quantity of food. Plus this is one thing that would directly go into baby’s mouth, that too for the first time. Buy one with soft tip and comfortable grip.  Tommee Tippee Weaning Spoons worked great for us. They are soft,appropriately sized and totally safe even if the baby chews upon it!


We had a great experience with Tommy Tippe feeding bowls. They are a bit pricy but nice. One thing I love about these bowls is the tight grip of lid and sturdy design.So even after bearing several drops from the stroller or tosses from the high chair, these bowls have taken it all and are still scratch less. Also, with color changing feature, it indicates if the food is hot or not. The color of the bowl changes with high temperature.


Go Mommy Tip: Do not forget that spoons and bowls would eventually double up as toys for the little one. So keep sufficient number at home.


7. Sipper cup : While we skipped the sipper cups as our babies didn’t just like the ones we got ( it was a major bummer with leaks from all over), I would recommend a meal cup that would gradually transform into your baby’s first drinking glass.

It might sound as a messy proposition initially, but a good quality cup can make it a no-mess no-spill reality!


8. Suction Toys: Its great to have some entertainment for the baby while feeding. High chair suction toys come in handy and keep the baby engaged while feeding. You can check out this one.



Well, it’s quite a list for essentials, but it by no means comes any closer to the plethora of products that are flooded in market nowadays.

So, which one is your favourite baby feeding product?

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