Our babies were 7 months old when we first travelled by road. Initially I was quite intimidated by the idea of packing bottles, boxes of formula powder, homemade fillers, packed cereals, Feeding Essentials and what not that took up so much space and of course added a lot of stress.


But it was only later that I realised that while these little ones are fussy eaters at home, feeding a baby while travelling/vacationing is not that big a task. It is just about planning and preparing well! Check out these Handy Travel Friendly Feeding Products. So here are a few Baby travel snacks options :

Travel Snacks for your Baby (0-6 months) 

  • This is the best stage to travel with a baby. Breastfeeding makes the whole process so simple and convenient.
  • You just need to keep yourself well hydrated throughout.
  • Pick a feeding cape for feeding the baby comfortably.
  • If your baby is formula fed – which is great as well because you would get some time off and your partner can take charge of bottle feeding the baby – add premeasured powder in stacking box, carry feeding bottles, warm water, bottle warmer, sterilising bags and bibs.
  • Carry enough, or may be a little extra, Formula milk packs in your suitcase.
  • If you are flying, enough and more support is extended by cabin crew these days. Don’t hesitate in asking for any kind of help.

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Travel Snacks for your Baby (6 -12 months)

  1. Sliced boiled carrots and peeled cucumber sticks- fill these in self feeding teether
  2. Glucose biscuit with milk
  3. Pulpy fruits like mango, avocado, cheekoo, bananas , papaya – just mash and feed
  4. Roasted sooji ( powdered, if required) – just add warm milk or water
  5. Roasted porridge (powdered, if required) – just add warm milk or water
  6. Ragi powder – just add warm water
  7. Dry cake/cup cakes/muffins
  8. Crackers
  9. Nimki (baked)
  10. Oats/atta cookies.                               
  11. Yogurt
  12. Coconut water
  13. Steamed unpeeled potatoes
  14. Homemade instant cereal – dry roast porridge/ sooj/ moong dal/rice separately and store in air tight container after grinding it into powdered form. While feeding the baby, add hot water with desired cereal for required consistency. Proportion of cereal to pulse should be 2:1 or 3:1.



15.  Packaged food: Pre packed baby food is quite easily available online now with  popular ones like Gerber, Cerelac and Heinz. The bottled purées come handy and should be carried as back up while traveling

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Travel Snacks for your Baby (1 – 2 years)


  1. Matthi/ Matri
  2. Idli
  3. Potato chips
  4. Jam- travel pack
  5. Dry fruits- cut in small pieces or powdered
  6. Rice puffs
  7. Chiwda
  8. Cornflakes/Chocos/Cheezelings
  9. Poha/ beaten rice – thin sized : dampen with a bit of water and mix it with curd & fruits for a crunchy filling snack
  10. Granola bars – you can also crumble a bar in a cup of yogurt for a filling experience for the baby.                                            
  11. Roasted makhanas.                          
  12. Homemade Besan or Chana laddoos
  13. Thepla /Methi paranthas                   
  14. Banana chips                                    
  15. Chakri/Khakhra : these dry Gujrati snacks are quite popular and a ‘go-to’ option while packing travel food

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Travel Snacks for your Baby (2 Years & above)

Everything that’s mentioned above plus whatever your munchkin desires – but is mostly not allowed at home!

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One important note, you can surely teach healthy eating habits to kids all of your life. A vacation will not make much of a difference to your “I-want-to-be-an-ideal-parent plan”! So even if you have to grab a packet of chips or give-in to a cranky baby by handing over a pack of Chico chip cookies, it’s totally fine.

Just try to make food fun for the baby. Trust me – it is possible.

  • Pack different snacks in separate containers or snack stackers.
  • Don’t introduce all nibblers at the same time. Let there be enough for the little one to look forward to.
  • Think of making games around snack  items like counting the chips or separating dry fruits – this will help take care of the take off/ landing time.

For essential feeding equipments, read 10 Handy Travel Feeding Products

Now that you know what to carry in your little ones Travel Kit, have fun while you holiday!

Go Mommy!

Please share your Suggestions/Feedback in the comments below.

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