Travelling with a baby would probably be the last thing any new parents could think of. They are just too busy adjusting with the new baby. And one thing that is of utmost concern is feeding the little one. In this post I will cover 10 handy travel feeding products for your baby.


Ever since I shared our travel story ( 7 Golden Rules of Travelling with a Baby ) I am being asked the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of feeding. So in this post I have listed some gadgets and essentials that would make feeding while travelling very smooth and comfortable for you and the baby!

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Feeding Cape : Isn’t it the best thing about breastfeeding – it’s simply so convenient! You need nothing except a hungry baby! Having a feeding cover or cape would make it easier for you to stop over anywhere and feed the baby.


Bottle Warmer : Perfect for long car journeys, this nifty gadget comes with in-built thermostat and insulated bottle warmer that warms the baby milk in the car, without the need to stop thus making it very convenient whenyou are out. Just plug it in your car to charge.



Travel Steriliser : If you are sterilising bottles at home, you need to do it while traveling also. We are a big Avent fans, so we picked Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizing Bags which were compatible with our Feeding bottles. These bags come handy for steam sterilising. It makes cleaning the bottles, nipples, and breast pump parts easy and convenient, even when on the go.


Travel-ready Feeding Bowl : With a fold-down spoon and perfect grip, Tommee Tippee Easy Scoop Feeding Bowls are a must for storing yummy meals on the go.



Spill proof Spout cup: With a baby around, it’s not easy to ensure drinks are not spilt on restaurant table or a friend’s place. A sturdy spill proof cup with ease of handling and cleaning is a must have while travelling.



Bibs & napkins : Skip regular cloth bibs and buy plastic/ silicon ones that can wiped clean easily and have a pocket on front to catch any spills ( trust me, it’s almost half of the meal that babies spit out!).  I would recommend MEE MEE BIBS made of non toxic plastic that help keep away the hassles of washing.


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Wipes:  Keep Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes handy to wipe down tables or restaurant high chairs before placing the baby in it ( remember I told you we are a bit more of hygiene freaks!)


Baby Food Processor: Cross contamination is always a concern while preparing baby food. And imagine if you are travelling or anywhere out away from home, then preparing meal for baby becomes a real challenge. We got Piyo Piyo Baby food processor as a gift and it’s one of the most useful things I have come across. From juicer to mesh sieve to mash cup – it’s all in all a complete package! It saves you from hassles of asking anyone for using their kitchen gadgets.

Snack Stacker : Be it in a car or out in a grocery supermarket, baby can have hunger pangs anywhere anytime. Mee Mee Snack stacker comes handy and lets the baby munch on some healthy snacks. It can also be used to store formula milk powder with exact quantity.


Booster seat:  It’s portable and can be carried along while travelling or generally eating out in a restaurant. Pick a good quality one that is light and easy to use like the Winfun Baby Booster Seat. If this seems a bit of a weight to carry, opt for a chair harness.


Portable chair harness : High Chair Harness Seat Belt ensures your baby sits securely on any chair. It converts any standard chair into a baby seat. Once done, you can simply fold it up into a carry-pouch. It’s a perfect solution while travelling or going out to restaurants.


Squeeze food feeder : Okay, this was a kind-of late purchase for us BUT I LOVE IT. The Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder makes the transition from liquid to semi solid diet so easy and totally mess free. With an easy grip, baby can clutch on to it and nibble through the journey.


With the equipments in place and hungry baby in your lap, looking for what to feed the little one while travelling?

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Please share your feedback/suggestions in comments below.

Go Mommy!

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  1. I flew with my son while he was 2 months and we’re about to fly with him at 6 and 9 months! I thought I was a pro, but now I’ll be taking these tips and I think they’ll make flying a lot easier!

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