5 Essential First Aid Skills for Kids

“Go Slow!”….”Watch Out!”….”Be careful!”….Well, as parents these are some of the most used phrases when we run after our kids to ensure their safety. But you won’t always be nearby when your children get hurt, right? And this holds true especially when it’s time for Festivals! So how about teaching these basic 5 Essential First […]

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Things That Affect Your Baby’s Sleep 

There’s something magical about a baby’s sleep. From the baby’s activities the following day to your mood & stamina to sail through the wails, cries and nappy changes and just about everything- it can regulate all of these! Every new parent gets to accept the unwritten Law of Nature quite early – that parenting is […]

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8 Jobs I am Eligible for Since Becoming a Mom

Are you a Stay-at-home mom? Do you wonder how you will (if ever you wish to) re-enter the professional work life? Are you concerned about the gap that mommyhood got along in your resume? Do you wonder “what will I write on my job application after I have been a SAHM for seven years?” Some say […]

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