So last week kept us busy with a few birthday parties to be attended and we were over stressed with the biggest dilemma in this world- what to gift?? Isn’t that just too difficult to decide, especially when kids nowadays have almost everything! So after lots of discussions and brain storming we thought of finding interesting family games that the giftee (the gift receiver) could play with mommy & daddy!

But guess what, the board game world is still stuck at snakes & ladders and monopoly! And perhaps it’s just me, but there doesn’t seem to be a plethora of new board games hitting the market either.

Why is that? Can it be that hard to come up with a new family games?

Well, that got me thinking of inventing some crazy family games based on parenting that are going to be a super hit and my family had championed most of these!

Crazy family games based on parenting my family has championed!

1. Poops & Bladder

Okay, so there’s a timer and a kid who needs to poop or pee. If you don’t make it to the potty before the poop or bladder leaks, you lose.

2. Selective hearing

This one is our favourite! You got to see how many times you have to repeat yourself before anyone hears you. Doesn’t that sound fun? (WTH)

3. Scramble!

This is one helluva exciting game of speed! Your kid tells you, at 8:30PM, that they have an entire project to turn in tomorrow and you scramble around trying to buy or find the supplies they need. How well can you create a model of the solar system using only items on hand? Bonus points if the kid received the assignment more than 2 weeks prior.

4. Smell & Guess

Sniff, Sniff.  Do you smell that?  What is it? Where is it coming from?  Be the first person to find the source of the stink and….you…well, WIN! Like- What’s the brown stuff? Poop or Chocolate? This game can be best played on weekends while cleaning the car out!

5. Fastest fingers first

Okay, so you have 2 socks, 2 hyperactive super-charged feet that go tap-tap every second and just 20 seconds to get those socks fixed! (coz my research says that a toddler can at max be made to stand at one spot in one position for only 20 seconds!)

6. Detangle your daughter’s hair

It’s a game of stamina, smarts, and strength!  Players each get a brush, an angry kid with knotty hair, and you have just minutes to brush it out before it’s time for school.  Will you make it?  Uh oh! Forget about those fancy clips Mommy and hurry up!

7. How much sleep can I get before the kids wake up?

It’s a game of chance and a game of luck! Odds of winning while parenting small children are slim to none. Players are more likely to win the lottery or be struck by lightening.

 8. Catch the Vomit!

Beginners start with burp rags and baby spit-up, advanced players use buckets with older kids. Bonus points for parents who protect carpets, furniture or other surfaces by catching it with their hands!

9. “20 questions”

You got to answer 20 questions in 20 seconds! Oh no no.. don’t take it seriously. Our version is a little different: only one person gets to ask the question, and it’s the same question for the 3 hour drive: “Are we there yet?”. Do I need to describe how it can be asked in a loop?!!##!!

10. How Far Can I Let Myself Go?

Sure you’ve got valid reasons: the years of running on little to no sleep, kids to care for, a house to run, work to do, but just how far are can you let yourself go and be okay with it?  Yoga pants (but never doing yoga) – Okay?  Mom Jeans – Okay?  Pajama Jeans – Okay?  How low can you go? You’ve got nothing to lose but your pride!

Have you played any of these games?  If you haven’t, I’m assuming you must be thinking – “what the hell is this!!???”

Go Mommy!

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