Month: October 2017

Are you a Mosquito Magnet?

There’s always one in the crowd- the Chosen One! You would see the person itching, spanking, grumbling and at times dancing on one leg just because he managed to swoon the mosquitoes. But what is it about these unlucky chosen few that makes them a mosquito magnet? Many of us – with scars and bloody […]

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7 Simple Yoga Poses for Kids & Their Benefits

We say this to ourselves several times in a day that it’s hard to be Parents in today’s times. But can we ignore the fact that it’s equally difficult being a Kid today. Children deal with many distractions, temptations and overstimulation. They go through several pressures every moment, every day- from school work to extra-curricular activities, […]

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Be Safe with Pee Safe

  Hygienic, Sterilized, Germ-free, Uncontaminated- I have found a new connection with these terms since becoming a mom. From being extra cautious about keeping everything (and everybody) clean in our surroundings, to placing hand-sanitisers at every possible spot in our home – we have done it all! However, it is now when our kids have […]

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