It is that time of the year when the air is filled with aromatic fragrances, surroundings are lit up in colorful lights and joy & excitement fill up our lives. Yes, the festival season is HERE! Packed with endless exuberance and cheer, the festivals are a time to rejoice, celebrate life and cherish the memorable experiences.


However, this is also the time when monsoons play hide & seek and while they manage to pump-up our spirits, what they also bring along is an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.

So while the festival season comes with an uproar of vibrant traditional outfits, lighting, carnivals, sweets etc., it keeps you busy with guests in your house all day, kids running about and friends meeting and greeting you in your neighborhood. However, caution must be exercised in this enjoyment too. Let’s face it, the last thing you want whilst you’re enjoying these festivities is to be bothered by these pesky mosquitoes!

Thankfully, there are a couple of prevention tips you can enlist to help keep your festival season mosquito-free:

  1. Keep those unwanted guests out using Window Mesh

  • Cover all the windows with wire meshes which prevent mosquitoes from entering even when the windows are open. Do check to make sure that there are no tears or holes on the meshes and screens.
  • Install an auto door-closing mechanism on your doors so that mosquitoes do not enter due to the carelessness of keeping doors open. Better still, keep windows and doors closed during the evening when the house is more prone to the entry of mosquitoes.


  1. Dispose of rubbish

When it comes to preparing for the festival season, cleanliness is given a lot of importance as it is believed that wealth & prosperity flourish in only clean and well-lit houses.

  • Engage wisely in dusting, cleaning, white washing and removing old and unwanted things.
  • While preparing yummy delicacies for the festival season, ensure kitchen hygiene is in place.
  • Keep the kitchen shelf dry, sink clean and drain pipes leak-proof. Check for any leakages in faucets and pipes.
  • Disposing of rubbish, standing water and food waste on a frequent basis will help in keeping away mosquitoes.


  1. Choose & maintain decoratives wisely

From ornamental planters to floating candle holders, beautiful bird feeders to decorative fountains, mosquitoes leave no chance to find an ideal breeding ground. Stagnated water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes; do not allow water to stagnate inside and around the house – clean your sinks and water bowls regularly.


  1. Wear suitable Clothing

Wearing the right clothing can go a long way in helping to keep yourself guarded against mosquitoes.

  • These pesky bugs are attracted to dark colors. It’s a good idea to avoid wearing dark colored clothing to help reduce the possibility of getting stung unless you want everyone to see you dancing around trying to run away from mosquitoes.
  • Choosing to wear long-sleeved clothing can help reduce the risk of being an easy target for these blood-suckers as it limits the exposed areas of your skin.


But that being said, undoubtedly festival season is the time to flaunt those beautiful ethnic dresses. And thanks to Good knight Fabric Roll-On you can do so without the fear of mosquito bites, especially when you step outside. The Fabric Roll-On is a personal repellent – just apply 4 dots of this completely natural product on your clothes and you can enjoy an itch-free time for up to 8 hours. The best thing is that it is non-staining, so rest assured that not only you, but your clothes will stay safe as well!

You can even try Good knight Patches for your kids – these are paediatrician certified as dermatologically safe and can be applied on your baby’s clothes. My little one absolutely loves these fun and colourful stick-on patches. The new Chhota Bheem Patches are his favourite – he actually reminds me to put them on whenever he steps out!


  1. Regular use of Mosquito Repellent at Home

Make the use of mosquito repellents a part of your everyday care routine. This will ensure that no uninvited guests, namely mosquitoes, bother you this festive season! After all, you wouldn’t want to find yourself all hassled because of these disease-causing vectors. Hence it is a good practice to always switch on Good knight Activ+ when you are indoors. This mosquito repellent machine comes with a dual mode which makes it amazingly effective because of its 2x power.

With these easy precautions, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the festivities without any unwanted interruptions. So welcome the season of festivity and enrich yourself in the fun and fervor and a sense of relief that comes from safe and healthy mosquito-free surroundings.

Go Mommy!

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