I often wonder what my kids think about me. Honestly, by now they know, and understand a lot about my traits, attitude, characteristics, shortcomings and strengths. 

You know I’m not good at the big things. I’m not good at planning big birthday parties, taking these two on a zillion outings (unless they involve a bookstore and a bakery), or participating in never ending pretend plays!

But I think I’m okay at the little things. At laughing at the dinner table, at tickling, at making music practice manageable by banging my forehead on the keys, at impersonating Donald Duck.

I hope that my children will come to see that the little things often matter more than the big ones.

I hope that someday they will come to know me as a person in addition to a mom. I hope they will realize that—in spite of my many, many failings—that I love them to the moon & back. 

I hope that they will come to understand that while I laugh at them, I laugh more at myself. I hope they’ll see this as a gift.

I hope that they know how thankful I am for both of them.

I hope.

For them.

For me.

And I know.

I know the world is much better with kind hearted souls like these two. 

Go Mommy!

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