So the wait for your little bundle of joy is almost over and very soon it’s going to be in her new home ( outside Mumma’s safe & cozy tummy). By this time the big stuff is generally planned- baby clothes, feeding items, baby cot,stroller etc (hufff..thank God pregnancy is a 9-month long process; you really need this much time to prepare well as first time parents!!). But is your abode ready for the little one? Here’s how to get your home ready for the baby’s homecoming.


While leaving the hospital and pepping up to bring your bundle of joy home, you would be going through a storm of emotions – a new baby certainly causes a stir in a lot of ways! First few days are surely going to be a bit crazy, but instead of getting panicky about it- enjoy it!

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It is always a good idea to have some preparations to ensure your house is ready the newborn.So while the hospital bag is ready and baby stuff is in place, check out some essentials that you might have missed to get your “nest” ready for the little one :

Baby clothes – Check

Baby nursery– Check


  • Catch up on home chores & touch ups – with a newborn at home, it is unlikely that you would have the energy, time or even inclination to do any touch ups or renovations. Be it painting, fixing mosquito nets on windows or getting additional cupboards- do it all now!
  • Clear up upcoming bills –this was one of the most important points we contemplated in the last weeks. With twins coming our way, we were quite sure that both of us would have our hands full. So all the important payments – electricity, internet, phones, credit cards- all were done much in advance.
  • Deep cleaning – We bought a Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force vacuum cleaner . This was one of the best arrangements we made. There is nothing more important than ensuring that your home is bug-free. It goes a long way in ensuring the health of you and your baby. You can check for professional deep cleaning services as well for rugs, sofa, curtains. Get the air conditioner filters cleaned.

  • Make arrangements for extra help for baby and cooking – Lack of sleep and overall exhausted body, you would need help in terms of cooking, massage for the baby & yourself. Check and arrange for one beforehand.
  • Sanitizer – Ensure that a sanitiser is kept at the entrance of baby’s room. Ensure that whoever handles the baby sanitises their hands before doing so. The health of the baby in the first few months are so very important for its immunity. Keep away from cheap brands. Buy from from this list
  • Planning & organising visits from family & friends – Don’t be shy in setting up some ground rules here. It’s advisable to take some time off initially to give enough rest to your body. Close friends and family would surely understand the kind of privacy you are looking for.

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Stock up Staples fromAmazon Pantry – trust me, for a while it’s going to be only baby-baby-baby! It’s always a good idea to keep enough (atleast a month long) stock of grocery in place. In case you would be having your mom or mom in law or any extended family support, it would a great help for them as well if the basics are in place.


  • Create enough storage space – with that sweet Smelling  bundle of joy (in our case it was our double bubbles) comes a whole new stock of clothes, diapers, shoes, strollers and what not. You would need to make enough space for the new stuff. Baby items are generally space consuming. Make sufficient space for placing cot/crib/bassinet. Make a separate cupboard specifically for storing baby stuff. In case of limited space, pick up one of those hanging organisers. We added Kadambaby – Fabric Wall Hanging organiser to one corner around the bed. This came out as a very handy thing.
  • Baby cot – pick one with enough storage capacity underneath.
  • Comfortable Chair for Feeding –   Try & avoid feeding the baby in bed. Uncomfortable posture will only make the process of breastfeeding more difficult. Also, with a designated feeding area , you will be able to engage with the baby better. We bought a rocker cum recliner which was comfortable for my back and it’s rocking motion helped sooth the babies as well.

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  • Night lamp – Well this one is a no-brainer. You would need minimal light while the baby wakes up in the night, for changing diapers and all while not having too much of it to wake up the little one. Choose one that goes with your decor. See a few options here.
  • Garbage bins –Place atleast 2 garbage bins in the room. With so many kinds of liquids drooling around, it would be a good idea to segregate dry and wet waste. 

Learning: we had always known the role of a changing station and its relevance, but due to space constraints couldn’t manage one in our room. With the number of times you would need to change diapers and nappies- especially in the initial months – the process is sure to take a toll on your back. So in case you are looking at getting a chest-of-drawersor cabinet made for the baby, try and get the height adjusted to such a level that the top can be used as a changing station. You can cover the top with a soft “gaddaand it’s ready! 


  • Buckets – Have 1-2 spare buckets in place to be used for dumping dirty nappies/sheets and other baby clothes. Dumping it on the floor wouldn’t be a good idea!
  • Bath seat –Buy a bath seat for the newborn. We bought Mastela bather Baby bath seat. I found it better than a tub as a seat ensures better grip and more comfort for the little one.

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And above all, take a deep breath and relax. Spend quality time with your partner.It may sound cliched,but this time will never come back. Be it a cup of coffee together or an “after-dinner” walk around, your little munchkin is surely going to change your life- for good!!! 🙂

Go Mommy!

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