Sipping a hot cup of coffee seems to be a thing of the past? Messy hair bun is your new signature style? Mobile phone has more baby & parenting apps? Well, if the answer is “yes”, you are not alone dear new mommy! These are just a few early signs that you have entered mommyhood!

From being a daughter to a wife and finally a mother- the journey is quite long and full of experiences. But the “mommy” feeling is a bit difficult to sink in. It takes a while to believe that finally you are a mother!

I had always learnt that parenting changes a person but never expected how radical the change would be. Trust me, You will never be the same!

So all you new mommys, check out these early signs and if you are able to relate to most, Congratulations on joining the gang!

  1. Rock rock rock: Baby or no baby in your lap/arms, that rocking motion has become a part of you by now. That rhythmic backward-forward movement isn’t just for the baby – it’s become a part of you!
  2. Loo time is “me” time: While literally the concept of “me time” doesn’t exist for a new mommy, you may still be lucky enough to take a minute or two while relieving yourself! I read somewhere that as per a study a new mom gets 17 minutes of “me time” a day…. can you believe it??  So as a new mommy you will never take free time for granted
  3. Zombie mom: Lack of sleep and general fatigue would make you feel no less than a zombie. But you know what, as much as you are told to catch up on sleep when the baby is asleep, you would just want to make the best of it – read it “be active on social media”. After all thats when you get tine to post each & every picture of your munchkin and sharing all the “firsts”- first smile, first month, first tooth..
  4. Deals deals deals: Yes, those “big billion days” and the” great Indian sale” is all about finding the best deals on diapers and wipes now!  Gone are the days when you would look for fancy bags and accessories for yourself.
  5. Fearful mind: Honest confession – I constantly checked to see if my babies were breathing while they would be asleep! Sounds weird?  But believe you me, I had to mention it to you all as a sign of a new mommy. That uncertainty – especially when the baby is sleeping for exceptionally long- is killing! I would put my hand on their chest while my babies napped just to be sure that they were okay.
  6. Self doubt : With so many suggestions coming from family, such rosy picture shared by friends and so much information on the net,  I used to doubt myself sometimes- is this really it? I mean, there were times I was unsure if I truly loved my babies? That thing called “unconditional love”- does it really happen instantly.  While visiting the doctor , I used to ask how many layers should the baby wear, how to know if the baby is hungry, how to figure out if baby is uncomfortable, and I was simply told ” you would get to know- you are the mother!” – and this used to freak me out for first few months. I kept asking myself – really, will I get to know? How??
  7. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: No, this isn’t an exaggeration ! Studies have found that over 15-20% new moms go through this in first 6 months. As new parents we were quite obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene around our babies. Especially if you are a first time mommy, you would make everyone scrub up and sanitise as if they are going to perform a surgery! The baby diaper bag used to be stocked up keeping in mind all exigencies- I mean ALL! From diapers, wipes, change of clothes to toys, books, milk & what not- basically everything under the sun !  But don’t shy away from this- it’s totally fine. Once the little one grows up and enters toddler stage, you will laugh out loud on these times!

But did I tell you that this is the time when your baby is probably going to love you the most? There will be no other stage in your life when you would get to experience this unconditional love. And more than that, any of the negatives mentioned above are all temporary- it’s not going to be this way in the long run. So flaunt that messy hairstyle, smelly clothes and dark circled eyes – Go mommy!

Wait….did I miss out on something? Did you experience anything different?

Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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