Toys, just like music & books, help keep the baby engaged. In this post I will include the must-have toys for infants.

With such a wide range and endless options to choose from, selecting a toy for your little one can be an overwhelming and expensive affair.While eventually it’s the household stuff like utensils, bowls and boxes that give real fun to babies, buying toys that would stimulate brain development and enhance motor & cognitive skill development is always a good idea.

Here is a consolidated list of toys according to baby’s age that are a must-have :

Must-have toys for Infants (0-3 months)

Cot mobile

 With fuzzy eyesight and tightly closed fist, the baby is yet to learn the act of clutching things. In this stage bright colours and soft music are sure to grab the little one’s attention. Keep the mobile at a safe distance from baby’s reach. In case you don’t have a separate cot, hang one directly from the ceiling in line with the baby’s sight. Pick one with music and bright colours. Avoid the wind-up ones as that makes it a task in itself to wind it up every 2 minutes. We bought Chicco Magic Star cot mobile with sensors that activate music & projection as the baby cries.


Sensory toys / lightweight rattles

 Squeaky toys that tweet and make soft funny sounds are a baby’s favourite at this stage and even further ahead. By 3rd month baby would love to clutch on to something. This is also the stage when babies start becoming aware of their own hands.So buying a good quality lightweight rattle is always a great idea. We bought Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas Musical toy which has an easy grip and delightful sound



Must-have toys for Infants (3-6 months)

Stacking cups 


As the baby falls in love to play with his own hands, the ability to clasp things in one hand and shuffle to the other would fascinate him more. Stacking cups come handy and are easy to toss for the baby. We picked the basic ones from Funskool – Giggles stacking cubes. With bright colours and easy grip- this toy is a big hit with our babies till date!


Rolling / crawling toys


Looking for something for tummy-time? Check out Fisher-Price Bat & Crawl Rollerbar. This is a 2-in-1 toy which is ideal for sitting as well as crawling  babies. Sturdy shape, interesting design, colourful beads, beautiful lights and catchy music – this is a must have toy in your collection


Play Gym / Activity centre


These act as a saviour when you are on-a-go! While working in the kitchen, relaxing in the balcony or out socialising at somebody’s place- play gym/mat comes handy. With activity bars and stuff to grab, this keeps the baby occupied for quite some time! Pick up the one from Fisher Price – kick & play piano gym. This is totally worth the cost. Music, movable toys, teether, baby-safe mirror- this toy is sure to fascinate your little one!

Which one is your favourite? Please share your views in comments below.

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