While doing up the baby room and making preparations for welcoming the baby in its new home ( outside mommy’s tummy), it is always a great idea to add a few books. (Check out DIY ideas for decorating Baby Play room)


Reading boosts development of brain and acts as a great engagement activity between new parents and baby (Check out my other Blog post Babies & Books).

So here is a quick guide for the must have books for infants. I have segregated the list as per age and highlighted some important points to be kept in mind while buying books.

Five must have books for Infants (0-3 months)

Essential points to be considered:

  • A newborn’s vision is still developing at this stage. The best they can see is st a distance of around 12 inches
  • Focus should be on big books that can be held in your hand at a distance
  • No text is required
  • Big pictures with contrasting images is very important
  • Black & white pictures or bright & bold colours work best for babies at this stage

And don’t forget, at this stage your baby wants to hear his favourite sound the most-your voice! That’s what gives warmth and comfort to the baby. So try and read out loud to your little one in this phase.

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Recommended books

Here are the recommended books for infants (with direct links to purchase them).

  1. The Nursery Collection – Parragon Publishers

This book was a jackpot! At the moment when as new parents we would fall short of rhymes and poems, this was our saviour. From classics like “twinkle twinkle little star” to new age rhymes , this book has it all. It’s a collection of 150 short stories & poems. Besides the simple & colorful pictures, what makes this book stand apart is availability of illustrations of actions accompanying the rhymes. Buy it here.


2.  My big animal book – Roger Priddy

Yes, it’s really a BIG book. With bright colours and real life pictures, this board book is sure to catch the little one’s attention. Best thing about this book is the stunningly large format that brings images to life. In just 5-6 pages all animals and birds have been categorised in several heads like baby animals, pets etc. On each page a question related to any one animal is asked which makes the book interactive.It’s intended to cater 0-5 years age segment and a must have in your collection. Buy it here.

3. Happy baby colours – Roger Priddy 

Another treasure from Priddy books, this one comes under the “soft to touch” range. Easy grip, bright colours and catchy images make this book stand out from other color books. The range of colours shown goes beyond primary colours. From purple to brown to white, each color has been described with 4 objects. Easy text labels, wide range and soft touch make this book a hit amongst babies!. Buy it here.



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Five must have books for Infants (3-6 months)

Essential points to be considered:

  • By this stage babies start rolling their eyes, jigging their arms and legs- in short, start responding
  • They are able to establish a contact with their own fingers and hands
  • The baby being visually more aware would respond to bright colours,different sounds and actions.

4. Goodnight moon – Margaret Wise Brown

This classic bestseller is a perfect going-to-sleep book. Rhyming lyrics and contrasting colours make this book an easy to read narrative. The usage of colours is quite interesting as they start fading towards the end of the book depicting a final “goodnight” to the moon. It’s a narrative from the viewpoint of a bunny who bids goodnight to everything in the room and finally to the stars and moon. Reading it aloud gives a feel of surroundings to the baby making him aware of all the objects around.This, in short, is a simple goodnight book for babies that can be read as a lullaby as well. Buy it here.

5. Moo, baa, la la la – Sandra Boynton

Initially I found this book to be kind-of “silly”, but it’s fun to be silly at times, isn’t it? This jarring noisy story about animal sounds in a rhyming way comes out as a fun book. It’s just right for reading aloud to your little one. Hilarious and cute- in short, a must-have in your collection!. Buy it here.




So, which one is your little one’s favourite? Please share your views in comments below.

Go Mommy!

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