I have a secret. I must confess I have (have been) enjoying some not-so-talked-about benefits of being a twin parent. No, no, it isn’t the obvious “efficiency factor”(one pregnancy, one birth) thing, but something more about advantages of parenting twins!

Benefits of Being a Twin Parent

First, you don’t need to sign up for a gym, since carrying 2 babies is enough of a workout. I came back to my pre pregnancy weight in 3 months!

Second, you certainly enjoy no-less-than a celebrity status. Ha ha!

Well, one of the benefits of having twins is that you get to have your moment in the sun. People will stare everywhere you go- who can ignore a sudden sensation that you would create by your presence!

Even in a group of pregnant women, having a giant ‘twin belly’ will ensure you standout (I remember those stares during prenatal sessions).

And how can I forget the special treatment we have enjoyed at airports, lounges & supermarkets!

Then, as a twin parent, you become an expert on babies! While One has colic, the other one has something blocking her tear glands. One has diarrhea and the other one constipation. In short, we kind-of get to see it all!  (And now you know how I came up with my parenting blog gomommy dot in )

How can I forget the biggest benefit of being a twin parent! You get the easy way out if you arrive late for parties, get-togethers or even meetings! 

Before having kids, I used to get really upset if I arrived somewhere a minute too late and I was always stressing out about having everything perfect. Pffftt! When you have twins you know for a fact that it is physically, logically & mathematically impossible to be perfect, so you learn not to stress about it so much! I’m a much more relaxed and happy person now 🙂

Also, parenting twins naturally makes you fast thinker and problem solver.

Having twins means constant problem solving; which means you’re working your brain without even having to think about it.

How am I going to fit my groceries and two babies into this shopping cart built for one kid? What do I do to keep one twin from running away while I’m helping the other go through airport security? How do I change the diaper of one while ensuring the other one doesn’t topple over from the bed? how do I buy 2 different toys, which look same but aren’t too similar and help in different skill development?Huffff……

I can go on and on about some such real-life encounters, but let’s just assume that you got the picture! 

But but but, the biggest benefit of all is Double the hugs, cuddles and love we get!

It’s basic math really. Two little ones equals double the hugs, cuddles and love.Of course, this also means double the babies to hold when they’re crying, but we’re talking about the benefits here, so we’ll just pretend I didn’t mention that 😉

Go Mommy!

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