Whether you are at a play date or in a queue at the grocery store or at the park, you must have heard parents with toddlers of all ages talk about toilet training. The discussion, in most cases, is enough to leave parents anxious and eager about getting started with toilet training for their own child at the right time. But wait, when’s the right time? Well, for some reason I have believed that every child is different when it comes to being ready for toilet training. Or may be it was just the lazy-side of me which was stopping me to at least attempt toilet training my kids.

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Arguably one of the greatest moments of being a parent is saying goodbye to diapers for good. It’s a light at the end of the baby stage tunnel and most are eager to get there. And for good reason. Your monthly budget gets a nice boost from the money you will save!!!

But so many parents are eager to cross this stage that they start a little too soon. How soon is too soon? Well, it depends. On a lot actually. And age isn’t necessarily the guiding light in determining whether your toddler is ready to potty train. So when your friend says their one year old just went poop on the potty, don’t freak out. It doesn’t mean your child is behind. It might just mean that your friend’s potty genius of a child showed these 5 signs of potty training readiness.

5 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Ditch the Diapers

  1. Child is skill-ready- Your child can express and has mastered basic motor skills such as pull up or down their pants/ underwear on their own. These skills are essential before they can use the toilet by themselves.
  2. Tells you when they are going- If your child is looking you dead in the eye and telling you they are peeing or pooping in their diaper, it’s probably time to potty train. That means they have the feeling and sensation recognized and it’s no longer a subconscious act for them. Attaining ‘bladder control’ is an essential milestone.
  3. Waking without wetness- If you’ve never experienced a morning where your child wakes without a wet and soggy diaper, just know that it’s a glorious thing. It’s also a great way to know your child can make it through the night and that means it’s POTTY TRAINING TIME! Your child is able to control his/her bowel and bladder muscles.
  4. Likes underwear/ shows interest in potty seat- Seems a little trivial I’m sure, but if your toddler isn’t showing curiosity towards what really happens in a loo or isn’t going apeshit over picking out underwear for themselves, then they might not have enough interest yet. Most kids who are ready to roll will LOVE picking out their own underwear because they get to see their favorite cartoon characters on their butt. Who doesn’t love that?
  5. They no longer want to sit in a wet diaper-  If your child tugs and pulls at their soiled diaper and wants it off because it is uncomfortable, she may be ready for potty training. They know they would rather dispose off their waste immediately than wait for you to change them.

As I said, every child is different. While some are potty trained very quickly, others might take a little longer. The simplest mantra to follow is to never push the child and be patient!

Go Mommy!

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