Remember the first time you touched or held your baby? Most describe this feeling to be out-of-the-world, exhilarating, satisfying and beautiful. It surely is the most fulfilling experience of one’s life. But we rarely speak about the streak of responsibility and fears that keep lingering on the minds of new parents all through the journey. Would I be able to take care of baby’s health? Would I be able to provide the best of everything to our little one? Would I be around always to ensure our child’s safety?

Every parent wants the best for their baby. It’s a life you have created so the responsibility of ensuring gentle care for your little bub totally relies on you. And thus comes along the big big big responsibility to be always on a lookout for safe & natural products for babies.

From baby care range to eco-friendly toys, I have been advocating each step that we are taking towards Green Parenting. One such step was opting for natural baby wipes from the range of Mother Sparsh.

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes- as good as cotton & water!

In my last post I shared my experience with this phenomenal brand-offering that contains 98% pure water and are made of plant-driven fabric that’s 100% viscose (no polyester) and gentle on environment too as it is 100% bio-degradable. I got a lot of messages and e-mails from my readers questioning how could we believe such facts that brands share nowadays! Well, frankly, that makes total sense to me. More often than not we skip cross-checking the ingredients specified on packaging; rather at times we oversee such minute details as well.

So inorder to clarify all my doubts about the truth of Mother Sparsh water wipes, I conducted a simple Flame Test. And as they say, Seeing is believing!

Mother Sparsh baby wipes successfully passed the test and restored my confidence in the fact that indeed Mother Sparsh water based baby wipes are the best baby wipes!

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Go Mommy!

You can follow these simple steps to conduct this home-based Flame Test. All you need is a candle, a matchbox, Mother Sparsh Baby wipes and any other brand’s baby wipes.

  1. Hold Mother Sparsh baby wipes above the flame.
  2.  You would see that it does not catch fire very easily without any fumes or any plastic smell. This is because its made up of 98% water. The residue is just like that of paper and turns to soot immediately.
  3. Similarly try any other brands baby wipes and hold it above the flame, you would see a sudden catch of fire on baby wipes with a foul plastic smell. You could also see that it leaves some amount of residue. This residue is clumpy and stiff just like plastic. This is the main reason for your baby diaper rash / any form of allergy.

This proves the great quality of ingredients used in Mother Sparsh Baby water wipes.


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