When it comes to numbers, there are so so so many ways that mathematical functions & concepts can be shared in the simplest ways to children. Numbers can be explored all over the place in a child’s world ! And here’s one such simple yet highly interactive and entertaining game for kids.

Guess how many? 🤔 

Encouraging estimation is an important skill in early years for practical application in later years of life.
I filled up a glass jar with some beads (our @skillofun beading set is such a versatile and handy gadget!!!).

Then I asked the little one to closely see and guess how many beads were there in the jar. In the beginning she tried to open the jar and didn’t get the idea of estimation or making a guess.

I then briefly explained her the ways to look around the jar and think of the number of beads that could be there.

It was fun to see her look from top and bottom and roll it around and roughly count a few beads.

She came up with the number 20. We then decided to open the jar and count how many beads were actually there. While she was a little disappointed that she was not very close to the actual number (30), but then I explained her how over time the guesses get closer to the actual number of items in the jar.

You can fill jars with buttons, candies, beads, or any other small item that you can find around.

Let me know what you think about this simple fun game that is sure to help kids learn about making guesses based on what they can see!

Go Mommy!

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