Let’s talk about the Big G ! If you’re a mom, there’s a 99% chance you’ve experienced mom guilt. Okay, let’s be real. It’s more like 100%. I think it’s quite synonymous to motherhood in itself. There’s feeling of anxiousness, fear, self-doubt, zillion permutation-combinations of thoughts, feeling of inferiority and finally, Guilt! And by no means I would tell, you that mom guilt isn’t real- it is—and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

Mom guilt can crop up from expectations from in-laws, from peers, from yourself, or even from Instagram.

And this mom guilt is grappling more of us millineals because the hyper-aware culture of today’s times easily makes you feel you’re not doing a good enough job at this whole parenting thing.

Every mom feels mom guilt. You can feel guilty about screen time, breastfeeding, or whether or not you‘re spending enough time with your child.

Parenting is hard!

But there are some things you feel guilty about that you shouldn’t! So just relax and learn to take it easy at these instances.

Here are some things you might feel mom guilt, but really shouldn’t…

Five reasons you feel mom guilt, but really shouldn’t!

1. Not breastfeeding or not breastfeeding long enough or not enjoying every single second of breastfeeding

Let me be honest here- as much as I advocate breastfeeding, I must admit it is an utterly boring process after a while (read : post few days of delivery!).

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But this uninvited reason of mom guilt simply comes into our minds because even today people love to throw in their two cents about how your child should be fed! While your mother-in-law says you should breastfeed until 18 months because so did she, your friend says breastfeeding is torture and you should give it up as soon as possible – or not even start! Meanwhile, the internet is full of #BreastIsBest crusaders. Hufff….!!!

Now, here’s the thing: You have to make whichever choice is best for you and your baby…and you shouldn’t feel any guilt about it. Listen to your body and the baby, that’s it. Because at the end of the day, FED IS BEST!!!

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2. Your child’s diet is awful

I feel you mommy. Having a picky eater in family can cause some serious Mom Guilt. But look around yourself and you would find several examples to make you understand that a picky eater doesn’t stay that way all life!

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It’s best not to make the dinner table a battleground over food; simply keep offering your child a wide variety of nutritious items. Don’t make a big deal about it if she refuses to eat those fruits and veggies. Eventually, she might surprise you by trying (and loving!) food that she previously rejected.

It’s similar to sleep training. Like the pang of guilt over letting a baby cry in the crib for a few minutes, you do need to brace yourself for a couple nights of him going hungry. HE WILL NOT STARVE. Repeat that a million times. HE WILL NOT STARVE.

If your issue is that your child eats too much junk food or fast food, remember that it’s not poisonous! But, it should be a treat rather than a daily occurrence. Instead of feeling guilty, start your research on what the healthier items are around. Or do some research on what types of meals you can serve at home that are fast, but healthy. As with so many other things in life, the key is moderation.



3. Letting your kids be bored

Picture this- Kid is jumping on the sofa whining of boredom and you are cuddled in the couch surfing through Instagram. You see moms posting Pinterest-perfect crafts and activities set up and ready to go for their little ones. You start comparing & questing yourself. You start to feel the mom guilt creeping in because how on earth can you let your child get bored??!!

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But guess what? It’s okay for them to be bored! They have toys, books, and imaginations. They can figure it out themselves sometimes… it isn’t always your job to entertain them. And various recent researches have proven how handling boredom is an essential life skill for 21st century kids. It improves creativity, enhances motivation, helps them find value in their own experiences and develop their own unique worldview, which makes them psychologically stronger for the future. Plus, let’s not forget that in today’s times, everything is so filtered and everyone’s portraying their best life always on social media. So you can let go of this situation to feel mom guilt.


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Well, it’s just so natural to be looking for a break. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to find your mojo and stop feeling guilty about it.

What do you feel guilty about as a mom? Share in the comments below!

Go Mommy!


4 comments on “Five reasons you feel mom guilt, but really shouldn’t!”

  1. Another type of guilt which I’m not sure is talked about enough is when you have a second child and the time and attention you used to shower on your first (who is at an age where she notices the difference), is lessened. Guilt sets in and you try to compensate by unhealthy measures such as tolerating few tantrums, providing little treats etc. and what one fears most is allowing this may lead to a perfectly well behaved child thus far to act up, causing more guilt !! 🙃

    • Oh yes, who every said Parenting is easy… at each step we come across another challenge and another guilt.

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