“Go Slow!”….”Watch Out!”….”Be careful!”….Well, as parents these are some of the most used phrases when we run after our kids to ensure their safety. But you won’t always be nearby when your children get hurt, right? And this holds true especially when it’s time for Festivals! So how about teaching these basic 5 Essential First Aid skills for kids!


Lights, carnivals, shopping, delicacies- there is something festive in the air around this time of the year. While you get busy hosting guests, visiting friends, preparing sweets or just soaking yourself in the festive spirit, you can’t stop your kids to be a part of the fun. However, it is imperative to teach them how and why they need to do things safely. After all, that is vital to keeping these memories happy and fun filled.


You might feel your 5-year old is too young to handle an emergency situation, but guess what, when these little ones can master your smartphone better than you, they can surely learn the basics of First Aid.

So here we have listed 5 Essential First Aid Skills for Kids that will empower them to help themselves or a person in need.

1.How to stop blood

Cuts, scrapes, bruises are a part of life for children. In such a scenario, teach your children to apply direct pressure to a wound by covering it with a paper towel, clean cloth or article of clothing. Tell them to cover the wound and apply continuous direct pressure until the bleeding stops or help arrives.

Sometimes kids hurt themselves by falling onto something that sticks into them, such as a piece of broken glass or a stick. Tell your child not to pull out anything that is stuck in a wound. Have her call for help and stop bleeding in the meantime by-
* pressing on the area around the object but not on it;
* putting a pad of clean material around the object and bandaging it to support the object in place; and
* elevating the injured part and keeping it still.


2. How to treat a burn/ What if clothes catch fire?

With candles and diyas lit all around the house and neighborhood, burns or clothes catching fire are some of the most common accidents that occur around the festival of lights. While it is our responsibility to teach children to stay away from such spots of danger but one cannot really control what happens around us.

In case of a burn, teach your child to simply get to water and cool the burn. That’s all they need to know. Run the burned skin under cool water. Afterward, someone can clean it and slather on the aloe vera.

When clothing catches fire, quick tip is to “Stop, Drop and Roll”. Have them : Stop where they are – Drop to the ground and cover the face with hands – Roll over and over and back and forth until the flames are out – Get help from a grown-up who will cool the burn and get medical help.


3. Eye Trauma

One can’t resist admiring those beautiful fireworks and it’s all the more difficult to stop a child from looking up in the sky. Irritation, eye burn, and blurry vision are quite common because of the smoke and other irritants in the air around festival time. Teach your child to follow the age-old mantra – “Eye hurts? Don’t rub it”. If you think something is in your eye, don’t rub it. Doing so could scratch the cornea, which could lead to more problems. Many times the tears will wash the object out. If that doesn’t happen, your kid should keep the eye closed, hold a cool, wet cloth over the area until they can get help.


4. Nosebleed

With excessive dryness in the air due to smoke and other pollutants, nose bleeding is again a common occurrence amongst kids. In such a situation, teach your child to sit upright without tilting her head back and loosen any tight clothing around her neck. After pinching the lower end of her nose close to the nostrils, lean forward and apply pressure continuously for five to ten minutes. Don’t release and check the nose; it could prolong the bleeding.


5. Bee sting/ Insect Bite

Kids love hiding in the corners and unfortunately that’s what pesky insects and bees love too! In case of a bee sting, first action should to be to swipe it off. A bee stinger has a barb that may stay stuck in the skin after the bee flies away. If your kid sees the barb, they should brush it off quickly with a finger. If the insect left a stinger, gently scrape the skin with your fingernail to remove it without breaking it.

The best way to start teaching basic First Aid skills for kids is by talking about the relevance of First aid. Preparing a First Aid Kit at home, talking about its importance, updating your child about essentials should be regular process and not limited to just festival time. Arming your child with the knowledge of how and when to perform basic first aid measures boosts confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and communication skills. This will also help them know what to do in a medical emergency affecting them or someone else.

Go Mommy!

This article has originally been written for “Hello Parent” App. To access the article, please visit https://helloparent.in/blogs/4-Essential-First-Aid-skills-for-kids-during-festivals-59ca5374d3521b41486946df




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