I think I have got incredibly hooked to exploring new books for our kids and couldn’t resist sharing our experience with a new found ‘secret weapon’ – Activity Books!


Be it a big lunch out or a long car journey or simply a no-stepping-out-of-the-house kind of weather, these fabulous engaging creative activity books that offer the best value for money are a great change from routine colouring books.

While at home we haven’t spent much time colouring or painting (no no, that’s not because I have been lazy! Just that I have tried to stress more on our kids’ communication skills, vocabulary and Life Skills), I find the regular worksheets and colouring books quite teacher-y, the ones kids typically get at schools.

Looking for storybooks for your child? Have a look at this.

For stimulating these super active minds, we came across a few interesting & creatively designed activity books. Checkout these 10 engaging activity books that made it to our top picks!

Psst…while choosing an activity book for your child, find something that interests YOU! If it interests you, it’s sure to be liked by your little one. Also, always pick up an activity book that is one notch above your child’s current capacity. If your child is good at basic colouring or tracing, get one that adds an element of challenge and attraction.

10 Engaging Activity Books for Toddlers

1.  Wipe & Clean – Shapes & Colours

This is a brilliant ‘eco-friendly’ wipe & clean hardboard activity book packed with writing, drawing, counting and many more first concept activities. Children can practice writing and number skills, spelling, math and many more essential learning activities over and over again with this fantastic wipe-clean work book range. With an easy-to-hold grip on top, it’s an ideal travel book for kids.                                                                                                                         Read more/Buy it here


2. Spot the Difference Things That Go : Can you find the odd one out?

Have you noticed how kids are able to spot the difference between two things that are alike??!! Well, they are great in that (my kids fight for the same coloured, same designed spoon, so you know what I am talking about!).

Our toddlers love Spot the Difference Things That Go as it’s filled with fun facts, questions, and some hilariously out-of-place vehicles. Spotting the difference or finding an odd one out in repeated patterns is a great way to develop observational skills in young learners.Contains shiny, thick pages. Read more/Buy it here


3. Magic Painting Jungle

Here’s another winner for preschoolers!

What’s not to like about magic painting? Just dip the paintbrush into water and paint over the pages to transform black and white drawings into colourful pictures that bring the jungle to life (bonus- you don’t need to worry about the messy paints all around the house!).                Read more/Buy it here


4. On the Farm (Magnetic story & Playscene book)

Do your kids love animals as much as mine do? Well, then this one is a sure winner!

With the rhyme “Old Mc Donald had a farm…”  being no less than an anthem at our home, I fell in love with this book in the first look. With 20 medium-sized magnetic stickers of animals, farm equipments and one Mr Old Mc Donald, your toddler will enjoy matching the colourful magnetic farm play pieces to the simple story. One of the biggest advantages of magnet-play is that it offers ample opportunities to children for experiments. It provides comprehensive learning opportunities to children of all ages.                                                                        Read more/Buy it here


5. The Toddler’s Busy Book (Busy Books Series)

I had to include this book in the list as it’s one of those that can serve as a go-to option for you any day, any time. With 365 screen-free activities that are fun to do using things around the house. It’s got a steady mix of simple yet interesting activities that are sure to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity with entertaining math, language, and motor-skills activities. Read more/Buy it here


6. Sticker Activity ABC : Over 100 Stickers with Colouring Pages

We totally love Priddy books and leave no chance to speard a word of the same. Coming from the same author, this is a fun activity books that offers activities around shapes, colouring, animals and stickers! Excellent quality and thoughtful pattern of the book makes it a must-have for a 2-year old!                                                                                               Read more/Buy it here.


7. Fingerprint Activities Garden

Super cute, lots of fun and creatively engaging- this colourful activity book is bursting with fabulous finger-printing ideas. If you’ve got a kid that likes to get messy, they’ll love this book that has loads garden scenes to decorate with fingerprint art. The inkpad contains plenty of vibrant colours that will last for months, provided you replace the plastic cover after use.   Read more/Buy it here


8. Trace, Copy, Color and Cut: Early Learning Through Art (Arty Mouse Activity Books)

This fun-packed hands-on activity book is a perfect pick for introducing your toddler to motor-skill developing activities like tracing, copying, coloring and cutting. We like the vibrancy of the colours, the quality of the paper and sheer number of pages.                                       Read more/Buy it here.


9. My First Maze Book

A rocket navigating through the galaxy or a jellyfish trying to find its way out of a tangle of seaweed- your little one is going to love this perfect first maze book that’s colourful, engaging and brain-teasing!                                                                                                                               Read more/Buy it here


10. My Big Seek-and-Find Book: with Wipe-Clean Pen

This fabulously detailed activity book is another favourite of ours from the Priddy series. Packed with seek-and-find puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, number fun, and more, this colourfully illustrated wipe & clean book is excellent for developing your child’s problem-solving and observational skills, as well as their fine-motor control.                                     Read more/Buy it here


Activity books are also a great way to keep kids entertained in a screen-free manner when traveling. Think about long hours waiting at the airport, sitting in the car, or getting bored at a table in the restaurant. We always carry activity books when we travel with kids. Check this post for more tips on what we carry when traveling with kids.

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  1. Magic Painting Jungle will be best for my daughters.. a great list of books as such vacation is coming!!! Books are so colorful that I want to be a toddler again😁😁😁

  2. Lovely and very useful share, we do use the magic painting and stickers already, Others look so interesting I am trying one of them this week itself

  3. You’re a rockstar. Now I know how to keep the little one busy for the summer vacation. Woo hoo!

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