Summer Camps 2018

It’s raining Summer Camps Mommies! With summer break round the corner and a job in hand to take care of, summer vacations can really become a time for guilt trips and anxiousness for parents. On one hand you’ve got to keep up to your professional commitments and on the other you would see kids being […]

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Becoming a Successful Parent through Future Fit Learning

Contemporary parenting is hard! Bombarded with expert advices & societal expectations, we have an ‘information overload’ because of an increased access to understanding how others parent. Just when we think we’ve got it ‘right’ someone will cast doubt into our minds, because what is right for some is not right for others. Indeed the responsibility of raising healthy, […]

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Effects of Cartoons on Children

It all starts from “just 10 minutes”. Then slowly as your infant grows into an adamant fussy eater, the window goes to “just meal time”. And before you could gauge what’s keeping your child busy all the time, you would see your kid glued to cartoons. It’s an addiction, trust me! These fast-paced, colorful, engaging […]

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