Having an unusual, at times, weird cravings sounds just so cool while you are pregnant (and in a way very Bollywoodish). Remember Preity Zinta in the movie Salaam Namaste craving to slurp on nothing but “Ben & Jerry’s Belgian Dark chocolate ice cream” at midnight. Having seen pregnancy cravings to be a prominent part of pregnancy (besides the growing bump of course) and me experiencing almost nothing of that sorts, I thought I was somehow missing out on all the fun and wasn’t normal.


In a bid to appear ‘normal’ I convinced myself and everyone else that I had a craving for Chocolates. But the truth is, I have always drooled over chocolate truffle and the likes. But all my life I had been extra cautious about my weight and body. And pregnancy was the only phase of my life I wanted to live sans any strings, without any boundations.

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I used my Pregnancy as a phase to be free of all of my fitness rules. And also to get extra pampered from my partner. From driving all the way to find the best chocolate Truffle to going everyday to the same place just to buy chocolate donuts to satiate my ‘cravings’, my husband has done that all (OH I LOVE THAT MAN!).

Having said that, if not cravings for anything specific, I did develop food aversions. And it was crazy. The taste of lentils, an essential in our routine meals, was something that made me sick. My sense of smell had also heightened. I hated heavily spiced-up gravies and smell of ghee ( ewwww…who likes it anyway!).

My food aversions went beyond smells and tastes. It went to the extent of sight! I hated to even look at my otherwise-all-time-favourite Chilly Paneer!

It is believed that cravings are a sign of what your body is lacking and hence demanding. The impact of hormonal changes during pregnancy also have an impact of woman’s sense of smell & taste. And after reading through several pregnancy books I was relieved that not every woman has unusual, and frankly, weird cravings, and it is perfectly normal not to have them.

But in my opinion though, we certainly shouldn’t deny ourselves treats in pregnancy anyway; as long as there is no medical reason to and they are part of a nutritious diet. After all, growing a baby can be hard work and we deserve some indulgences or whatever gets us through a long, tiring day!

Go Mommy!

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