Since my toddlers have reached that age when I am totally packed in our social life- thanks to the Play Dates, Birthday parties and Mommy-Toddler programs, I get to participate in this extremely crucial (and debatable) topic – whether to have more than one child or not? Should you give your Child a Sibling?


I know, I know, you have got adjusted to the new lifestyle, sleep patterns have got set, your toddler is about to join school and you are almost in the same body shape as you were before having your first child.

However, being a mom of two myself, I do feel there are some awesome benefits of having more than one child. Trust me, you are going to agree with me on these! (and just in case you don’t, head straight to my next Post about benefits of raising a single child!)

Should you give your Child a Sibling?
1.They have a built-in Playmate

It may seem like the most basic perk, and maybe it is, but having a sibling in the house is like having a friend. From hide & seek to board games to cricket, your children have each other’s company always. Whether you are able to give enough time to play with your kids or not, whether you are able to arrange play dates for them or not, at the end of the day they are a great companion for each other. Think about it!

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2. They learn how to resolve problems

Talk about sibling rivalry- yes, it does exist! While you would hate the constant yelling, fights and all the drama, your kids definitely learn how to sort things out. And that acts as an essential ingredient in nurturing one’s personality.

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3. Children learn to be selfless, tolerant and patient

From sharing a cookie to spliting TV viewing time to sharing the bedroom- children get to learn the basic values quite early in life. Children learn how to share things like toys, clothes etc & teamwork and this really helps in preparing them for the world beyond home.

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4. They have someone to talk to

As your children age, they are less likely to come to you with their problems. If they have a sibling, however, then they have someone to turn to for guidance.

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5. They have a mate to celebrate every thing in life

From a grand birthday celebration to graduating from the best school- siblings stand by each other’s side through all of life’s monumental moments.

6. They have a shoulder to fall back upon

A bruised knee. A bad grade. A broken heart. No matter the problem, siblings will be there to dry each other’s tears.

7. They can learn from each other

Younger siblings tend to grasp and learn things faster as they learn lots of things seeing the older sibling. In the same regard, your elder child will learn a lot of patience from the new addition.

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8. More Helping hands for Mommy

As kids grow, we introduce them to household chores and activities. It’s always great to have your child share the responsibilities with a sibling. It’s a family thing to be working together. And who doesn’t like an extra pair of helping hands!?

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9. Lots of Laughter

As a mom of two I can vouch for this one! There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing my two kids laugh and giggle around, sharing their own jokes and playing their own innocent pranks. They do fight and squabble for the simplest and pettiest of all things ( this morming, it was an empty cholcolate wrapper, of all the things!), I know that they have the most fun together.

10. Never a dull moment

This one goes for you and for your kids. As a parent, having kids of different stages of development offers a variety of unique experiences from different ends of the spectrum, which means you’ll always have your hands full (in the best way possible, that is). For your kids, having a brother or sister around means a partner in crime with whom they can constantly seek entertainment! In short, you really don’t need to worry about your child getting bored because as siblings they are each other’s boredom busters!

In fact, there are many benefits to having more than one child (though cheers for only-child families too). So if you’re thinking about it and maybe just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, re-read (preferably with your partner) these 10 benefits of having more than one child, and make a well-planned and thought through decision.

Don’t forget to share your opinion in comments below!

Go Mommy!

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18 comments on “Should You Give Your Child a Sibling?”

  1. I always wanted to have 2 kids as I completely agree to all the benefits that you have mentioned in your post but I really don’t know how we are going to manage 2 kids, there are many other factors which come into consideration.

  2. I have always wanted two children. And while I have been just waiting for the right time to start planning our second round, your article just hit the last nail in and the little doubts I had seem to have gone away. Yaay. Thank you 🙂

  3. Good article… definitely having a second child helps the first one in many ways… your children learn not only to be patient but also to adjust, to share, to tolerate and to survive 😉… being a mom of 2 kids I do see how my kids learn from each other.

    • Thanks for reading the article and sharing your views Parul. Ofcourse like everything else in life, this topic too has another side to it. The idea is to not say what is right or what is wrong, but to reflect upon several parameters attached to the thought of having a single or multiple kids.

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