As much as anyone says, breastfeeding is NOT easy. While it is a natural process, it doesn’t come naturally for all new mothers. From Latching concerns to sore nipples, the problems can be many and may crop up in different ways for different moms. But that shouldn’t be a hurdle in your desire to breastfeed your newborn. With the availability of Lactation Consultants and some really helpful Breastfeeding Products, you can get through these feeding challenges. Here I am sharing My Favourite Breastfeeding Products that helped me feed our twins for over 12 months.

My Favourite Breastfeeding Products


1.Breast Pump

Who says breast pumps are only for working moms? If you don’t want to lose sanity as a new mum, please opt for a pump. It will ensure your baby gets your milk only and also will give you some time to snooze.

I bought Philips Avent Natural Comfort Manual pump because it’s light, compact, noise-less and has an ergonomically designed handle which makes it super easy to use. You can read more about it here.


2. Nursing Bra

This is a must buy while you are getting things prepped up for the baby. With an easy snap clip, this would ease the process of constantly lifting the whole thing up and popping out your b**bs.

Top it up with nursing dresses that are layered and will not make you strip down every time you need to feed or pump. You can buy it here.


3. Nipple butter

Cracked bleeding nipples are very common during the first few weeks. That’s the time you would be doing nothing but feeding away the little one- almost all the time! Instead of feeling helpless, pained and dejected, apply a soothing nipple butter at regular intervals.

Try The Moms Co. Natural Nipple Butter that will help you naturally heal sore & cracked nipples. It’s lanolin-free and safe for the baby as it’s 100% natural with no preservatives. You can buy it here.

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4. Nursing Pads

Someone gave me a box of these as a gift and it was great to have some on hand right away for the inevitable leakage before my body had calibrated the amount of milk actually needed by the babies. Trust me, it’s quite embarrasing to have wet spots on your shirt because of leaky breasts.

I used Pigeon Honeycomb pads and found them ultra slim and non slippery. You can opt for reusable ones too. You can buy it here.


5. Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Pack

Yayyyy…your baby has started sleeping for longer stretches! But guess what? It’s going to leave you with some real dreadful pain (engorgement). With time, there would be a stage when there would be longer gaps between your feeding sessions, especially during nights. Those mornings are really tough and painful because of less nursing. These Gel pads, which can be used warm or cold, can be stuck in your bra for relief.

I found Gerber breast Therapy Relief Packs effective not only for relieving discomfort from engorgement but also blocked ducts and mastitis. You can buy it here.


6. Nursing Pillow

Whoever suggested you to not buy a feeding pillow must have just ‘adjusted’ or compromised on own comfort. It’s easy to just slouch or hunch over while nursing the baby. But imagine doing so every 2 hours, especially in first few weeks when your body is at it is recovering from the trauma it went through while delivering the baby. Feeding pillow props baby up to your level, so you don’t have to bend at all and avoids traction on nipple.

Chicco Boppy pillow is firm yet soft and helps relax the tension of your back, neck and shoulders, preventing fatigue and discomfort. You can buy it here.

All moms hope for a smooth and comfortable breastfeeding journey. But if you do face issues commonly experienced when nursing, these are a few breastfeeding products that can help to ease discomfort and provide added convenience for you and your baby- the way these helped me!

Go Mommy!

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