There are days when you feel like just taking things easy and the past few days have been such. So, what’s been happening around? Well, for that I thought of tweaking the rules of my Blog a bit. So here I am, taking a break from revisiting and sharing my experiences & learnings as a mommy. I am starting a series of “Life Lately” so that I can share what’s happening in my life at present, right now! after all, it’s important to live and talk about the Present as well.


Let’s see, life lately this week has been..pretty nice. It started with lots of kisses, hugs and giggles because it was Mother’s Day last Sunday (May 14th,2017). Yayyy, my first Mother’s Day with K & A. It was actually “Ours” so to say. And technically, though it was the second but since it’s been just this year that they started calling me “Mumma”, I wanted to celebrate it as a special one.

So a day of no plans as such turned into a kind-of celebration when I was gifted with loads of sloppy kisses and cuddles by K & A. Plus I treated myself to some really cool cosmetics which was much needed too!

The evening was topped with refreshing coffee and sinful chocolate cake. And my day was made !

Past few days we had been contemplating making something to keep our toddlers busy (yes, they are soon approaching that dreaded “Terrible Twos” stage). We have added a lot more to our collection of learning toys but there is something about creating stuff yourself. And that’s when the idea of making an ‘Activity Board’ came up.

Well, that has certainly brought a lot of more action in our lives because once K & A go to bed, we are at work…I mean, at making the ‘Busy Board’ for our little munchkins.

So far things are shaping up pretty well. I shall share more on this in coming posts. Meanwhile, take a sneak peek into whats going on behind the scenes!

There’s something about unboxing..and what better than unboxing new Books. Oh we love books and that’s how we have added some more to our collection now. Which ones? Well well well, you will get to know soon.

Needless to say, it’s imperative to introduce kids to books as per their age and respective stages. From teaching them manners to toilet training to explaining kids about numbers & all, Toddlers have a lot to learn.

So that’s been my life lately. Randomness at its best! 🙂

What about you? Please do share.

Go Mommy!


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