I will not label the process of breastfeeding as difficult or easy, I would just say it’s challenging!

I remember attending one of those pre natal sessions conducted by Miracles clinic in Gurgaon. Breastfeeding was one of the topics covered there. It didn’t seem to me then ( while I was in 6th month with twins) that breastfeeding is a subject that needs to be discussed also. I just thought of it as a very simple natural process and that the babies would be gifted with the technique to suck milk and fill themselves up. How silly of me back then!!??

So, once the babies were out, the following day, exactly 24 hours after my c-sec, I was asked to walk up till the nursery section ( where my babies were staying) to feed them for the first time. Those 40-50 steps appeared to be a herculin task that moment. Because of spasm and stitches, I almost felt that I wouldn’t be able to walk ever in my life!

That being a temporary stage, I managed through the going-to-nursery-and -feeding-the-babies exercise pretty smoothly.

The real challenge began once we were back home with the babies. Now this was the stage when most people give up and start Formula milk ( also called top feed).

I don’t believe that no breastfeeding means you love your baby any less, however I had always read and believed that breastmilk is the best for babies. Breastfed babies not only have better immunity, but also grow up as individuals with greater sense of security, logical reasoning and quantitative abilities.

So the idea of feeding them formula milk was never in our “plan”! And that’s how the saga started…

  • Babies,being so tiny, have even tinier tummy, as a result they fill up themselves, pee once and get hungry again. While this is quite annoying, but that’s the way these little ones are!
  • In case of feeding twins, the exercise is almost 24 hours! I don’t intend to scare anyone, but that’s the reality
  • Be prepared if your baby/ babies are not able to latch properly. This is a very common problem and as a result moms resort to formula milk through bottles or spoon
  • Breastfeeding works on the thumb rule of demand-supply. As much as the demand exists, supply would get managed accordingly
  • Initially the quantity of milk your body produces might not be too much at any point. So one has to feed the baby almost every 1 hour. And with twins, well, you can do the calculation!
  • At around 6 weeks your body would know how much is the milk requirement and post that sufficient amount of milk is produced – sufficient enough to feed the babies. By then your body adjusts to the baby’s requirement
  • While you are constantly worried about keeping the babies full, you need to take utmost care of yourself first! So do not get annoyed when your mom/ mom in law advices you to keep drinking water or milk
  • While it’s a natural process and body starts making milk “automatically”, it is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. For increased milk supply it is not necessary to drink only milk, you can include things like coconut water, juices, green tea etc in your schedule
  • At many occasions one would feel that not enough milk is getting produced. However, till the time your baby’s weight is showing a gradual increase, it means all is well!
  • “Football ” position actually comes handy while feeding twins. They generally get hungry at the same time & cry inconsolably together. It’s here when one has to become a “super mom” and take charge of the situation. I remember sitting with twins in each them and feeding them simultaneously. While I used cry and whine that time, it’s such a beautiful memory now that’s etched in our minds for lifetime!

Now in the process of getting a hang of feeding twins, we realised several things with experience. But some stuff was planned ahead.

  1. Buying a feeding pillow makes total sense esp in case of twins. With the effort and frequency of feeding two babies, shoulders & back ache are sure to set in. To combat that feeding pillow is a good idea. You can check several options available online. I picked up the Nina Feeding Pillow.
  2. Keep a comfortable chair or recliner in your room. Use it while you feed the babies. Always being on bed while feeding the babies would not only lead to a bad posture for you but also leads to sense of monotony. Have a separate space for feeding time. Don’t forget this is also the time you would get to engage with the babies in your own unique way, give this moment some privacy and extra comfort
  3. For first few weeks, have a hot water bottle handy. This would relieve your back and make things a bit comfortable
  4. Buy a breast pump for expressing milk. I would be always indebted to the person whoever invented this product. It’s s boon- trust me- esp in case of twins. While for first 40 days I was breastfeeding both the babies, after a while I started habing itchy & swollen nipples. Plus my stamina would give way making me feel totally broken. That’s when we researched a bit and ordered Philips Avent Manual breast pump from along with Philips Avent Natural feeding bottles. So while I breastfed one baby, I simultaneously expressed from the other side. Initially you might need help of your partner to set the right posture, but once you get the trick it’s quite easy! This way I used to get some rest as there would be enough milk for the other baby for atleast 2-3 feeds in a day
  5. Cracked & painful nipples with mild bleeding might up as a hinderance to your otherwise smooth breastfeeding journey. Keep a natural nipple butter handy.
  6. Engage with the baby while feeding as much as possible. It has been found that this results in increased flow of milk

Not to forget, this stage, like any other stages in life, is temporary. This opportunity never comes back. Try to enjoy it as much. Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying & fulfilling than feeding a baby….a life that has been “made” in you, by you!

So, just go Mommy!!!

4 comments on “Twins & breastfeeding – how I breastfed my twins for over 12 months”

  1. Oh Allah, I’m really impressed! You did a very good job, and thanks for sharing your experience for us. By the way, the way you present is marvelous, short, precise and enjoyable, thanks again.

    • Thank you for your kind words :). Will be sure to share my other experiences through other posts. Stay tuned!

      Go Mommy!

  2. Omg.. breastfeeding twins !!
    Thank god you did not have an MIL who said..,’tu apne chakkar mein maare rakhegi ise’ and is eager to make formula feeds for feeding the bsby herself..well i m not that lucky and constantly being pressured to feed formula..

    • I hear you lady! Can totally understand…nobody likes a crying baby.
      Of course I had my own breakdowns and melting points as well, but that was the time I re-assured myself that this is probably the best thing I can do for my babies.
      I would say again, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible too!

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