Contemporary parenting is hard! Bombarded with expert advices & societal expectations, we have an ‘information overload’ because of an increased access to understanding how others parent. Just when we think we’ve got it ‘right’ someone will cast doubt into our minds, because what is right for some is not right for others. Indeed the responsibility of raising healthy, happy, successful future fit children can sometimes feel overwhelming for parents.


Add to this the fact that the dynamics of education, learning, work and living as a whole is changing. It may be a truism that the future will be different, but with rapid development of artificial intelligence and digital systems in the 21st Century, I see no reason to not believe that almost every aspect of our children’s lives will be different to ours.

So when we know that the future of work & life is going to look very different, why not be ready for it? Why not prepare our children to be future-fit?

With a vision to transform learning and raising future-ready kids, at Dolphin POD key 21st century skills like Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Contribution & Collaboration are delivered with an aim to make personal and professional achievement easier.

Through their research based activities, it’s not only children who cultivate these 5 critical life skills to be future fit, but also Parents get ample opportunities to be successful in raising children who are future ready. Here’s how:

  1. Match your Parenting style to your child’s personality 

A critical aspect of parenting is matching various strategies with your child’s needs, like discipline, praise etc. Naturally, most parents try to understand these ‘needs’ of their children, but it’s not always easy to figure out, especially when behavioural, emotional and social ingredients (read: problems) come into the picture. POD sessions, conducted at Dolphin POD, that focus on essential 21st century skills and cover collaborative play and interactive activities help parents know how best to stimulate their child’s intellectual, social and emotional development and manage common parenting issues.

2. Learn how to Engage with your child 

Families today face increasing time pressures with both parents working, and more expectations on children to perform at school (not to forget the added distractions of technology). Well, welcome to modern parenting! With budgeted time and limited opportunities, an effective way of helping our children to be future ready is by understanding how to maintain a constructive engagement with them. From learning through exploring to connecting with each other to relaxing & recharging, POD sessions can help you learn explore the broader horizon in your child’s learning curve and will let you get more involved in your child’s learning experience.

3. Gain Confidence