Mother’s Day is just around the corner and gift ideas have been just hitting your screen as well as shop shelves! This certainly is the time of that mad sprint to get moms the best gift we can think of.

But let’s be real here for a second. Do we really need or want a lot for Mother’s Day? Don’t we already know that we are awesome and that there cannot be any gift that can be an evidence to this universal truth (rolling eyeballs)!

So people out there, there is no need to hit the shops in a mad dash just yet. if you really want this mom of toddlers to spill the beans, you would know that our wishlist wouldn’t even cost a penny! And please don’t think we want a kids-free zone (really? on Mother’s Day you want to be away from the being who made you a Mother!) or a spa trip…atleast I would certainly not believe this to be a part of Mother’s day for me.

Let’s be realistic and talk about what would make Mother’s Day special for any mom- specially mom of toddlers! so As a mom of toddlers, here’s what I really want this Mother’s Day-

5 Things That Moms Actually Want For Mother’s Day

1. Mealtime with no drama, comedy & action

Okay, you know what I am talking about, right? Dear little kiddos, if you really really really want to make your mommy’s day special, please finish your meal without making me snort like Peppa Pig or act goofy like Mr Beans. For one day let meal time be fun time for your mom, pretty please!!!

2. Uninterrupted conversation with spouse lasting a minimum of 5 minutes

I have no idea why my kids start shouting and screaming the moment they see their parents start a conversation! If my husband and I hug or kiss, our son says, “Don’t touch my Mommy, Daddy.” Little one, this Mother’s Day, please allow me 5 minutes to have an uninterrupted conversation with your daddy!

3. A long hug with kids without their acting repulsed

You know how toddlers are- they wouldn’t stay in one spot for more than a few seconds. And at this age it is close to impossible to ‘make’ them hug me for long. How I miss those days of infancy when they used to be all cuddled up in me through the day….Alas, this Mother’s Day, please let mommy hug you without you acting up….

4. Ten minutes to have hot tea

Okay, five may be?

And for heavens sake somebody please tell me what’s the correlation between mom’s tea/ meal and toddler’s potty!???

5. No rolling eyes judging me

Yes, I am that mom who didn’t react to the toddler’s tantrum at the supermarket yesterday! And I am the same mom who made her son drag the scooty all the way from the park to the building! Please don’t judge me, this is just “my” way of parenting. This Mother’s Day, let’s not judge each other with rolling eyes and raised eyebrows….

As a proud mom of twin toddlers, what I want most of all is for my kids and hubby to remain healthy, safe and happy.

Oh, and beyond that, I want coffee and some uninterrupted sleep.

What’s the kind of stuff that really gets you excited, Mommy?

Go Mommy!





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