Twins? Wow! Really!!!???

Well, yes, I am sure to be not kidding when I share this piece of news with you my dear friends! But this is exactly what the first reaction is when a news of twins is disclosed! I think this is because the trend of multiples is still not very common in India.

But,but, but.. does anyone even know what it feels to carry twins? Trust me, as much as one waits to see that pink strip on pregnancy test kit, the fact is that carrying twins does come out as a bit of a dreaded task.

It starts from the very beginning when people come up with questions like: ” twins?? how???” Aaaha, now c’mon, you would not want to give any explanation of the process of making babies, but really, this revelation that one is carrying twins, does raise a few eyebrows. And the ultimate thought that everyone has is that one would have gone for a fertility treatment like IVF. Trust me, it’s so difficult to answer such people.

I remember meeting an acquaintance who popped up this question in no time looking at my husband..”IVF karaya tha?” … Omg! Did she really say this?- this was the question in our eyes.

Well, so any easy way out that my husband and I “planned” was to stick to one statement – ” we made love twice the same night” ..this might sound cheesy, but it did the trick of stopping others’ brains of asking any more uncomfortable questions.

Besides being a big news in itself, carrying twins makes you really big as well! The discomfort in walking, standing & rather sitting also starts from almost the first trimester.


It might be really difficult to carry twins, but it surely is a blessing! Imagine creating 2 individuals who know they have been together and would be together for each other forever.

There is no safe period in twins pregnancy.. safe in terms of travelling etc , which is generally the second trimester in single cases. Rather by the beginning of 2nd trimester, one has to be extra careful because the only danger in carrying multiples is early delivery/ preterm/ premature babies.

I don’t remember being socially active at all after my 4th month. With the belly size almost double of what people normally see , it by itself becomes a task to dress up and go out.

The number of hospital visits is another challenge that comes with carrying multiples. While in a single normal pregnancy, a total of 4-5 ultrasounds are conducted, in multiples, pregnancy being a “critical” one, almost 2 ultrasounds per month are conducted. I can surely make a full album of the reports that I have!

Well, it might be a tough task to carry twins , it surely is a blessing! Imagine creating 2 individuals who know they have been together and would be together for each other forever!

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