That time has come – we are yet again face to face with one of the most difficult questions that makes or breaks our whole year, more than anything else! Well, parents of twins would agree to this- one of the toughest decisions to take about twins – Should twins be together in the same class or separate in different classes? 

Trust me, as an educator and as a parent of twins, I can tell you, there’s no right or wrong answer or a clear cut yes or no to this dilemma. Rather the decision may vary from year to year.

This is our 3rd year of having our twins stick together in the same class, same section. A few factors that are pro this decision of ours are-

Reasons to keep Twins in the same class

1. Let’s not go against the nature– Okay, that might sound a bit philosophical, but trust me, I feel that twins have been together even before their birth. So when they have been sent with a bond like this, why separate them ? 

2. Helps stay consistent– Having been together even before they were born, twins literally share the same environment. Same resources, toys, set up, our time etc. It’s naturally what they expect to be ‘normal’ and are thus accustomed to. 

3. Complement each other– Twins, like any other set of siblings, are unique and of course come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Having them together binds them even more as they act as a support for each other. 

4. Channelises their competitive streak– Much against what is normally perceived, we haven’t encountered competitive feeling amongst our twins at least in an “external” setup like school. At home they might fight for the same toy or our attention, but when they are in an external environment, their competitive spirits amidst each other takes a different shape and acts more like a support for each other rather than ending up as “sibling rivalry”.

5. Two’s a company– Well, you can’t ignore the fact that two is definitely stronger than one. In school, if my son would face some challenge, my daughter would just stand beside him or pep him up. Similarly if my daughter has had a tiff with her girl gang, my son would hold on to her shoulder.

6. Makes life simpler for parents– Imagine handling two different sets of peer groups, whatsapp parent groups, birthday parties, PTMs … this along with own job. Oh my, we certainly do not have this bandwidth!

7. It’s just more comfortable and less stressful– this is specially in present scenario of online Classes. I find it much easier to get them sit together, be around them and get done & dusted with classes in flat 3 hours, instead of shuttling between two different rooms, handling 2 different gadgets and ending up being stressed the whole day! Plus this helps me stay more involved in what’s happening in the class wherein I manage to cover up if we miss out on something.

Well, as I said, there’s definitely no right or wrong way. If you feel both the kids have unique personalities and that’s not clashing with each other, sticking them together will definitely help you maintain sanity.

I’m quite satisfied with the way they are growing and developing their own interests and confidence. And plan to have them together in the same class at least for the coming few years. 

What do you think? Any thoughts or experiences?


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