We love hosting our friends over to our place. And since we are in ‘that’ age bracket, our friend circle is a mix- a few are new parents, some are in the process of entering parenthood and quite a few who are yet to enter this phase. It’s great to have this awsome mix in social circle because that helps me maintain sanity. I like engaging in conversations beyond baby’s sleep routine, developmental milestones, teething concerns etc.


The other day while we had a group of friends over (that includes the mix I mentioned above), I kind of started looking at things around our house from the visitors’ perspective. And although all our child-free friends and family are wonderful, I think I can guess what they’re really thinking while they’re visiting with us.


10 things that my friends are thinking when they visit my house

  1. Why is everything so sticky? Wwwwait ! What’s this yellow stain on the sofa?
  2. Can we change the TV channel from Baby Tv ever!!??
  3. Eww the baby’s leaking from the mouth…Gosh, why is the baby licking water from the floor?
  4. I thought baby smell is cute, but their entire house is smelling like rotten milk!!!
  5. Too many toys! Seems we have entered an oversized Toy bin! And what’s with those cheap toys? Where’s their ‘Parenting Mantra’ of eco friendly ethically produced expensive toys gone?
  6. Did they just say “potty”? We should better move out quick!
  7. Are Fisher price & Leap Frog the new decor? 
  8. I didn’t know these guys are hoarders! What are they going to do with 10 mega packs of diapers?
  9. I know where the nose, tummy and eyes are! Please don’t let this go on repeat mode. And hey, the rhyme ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ still exists?
  10. Really? Is this what giving up looks like? We better stock up contraceptives!


But having said that and having been on the other side myself, I know somewhere they must be feeling –

“Wow, that was fun, it’s great to have so many happy noises around!; Kids sure are real cute creations of God; I love the fun things that the kids were saying and doing; I’m so happy that my friends have been so blessed with such precious children!”



Go Mommy!


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    • Ha ha…well, I hope so too! But frankly, I used to feel that way much before I entered mommyhood (honest confession)!

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