Four is such a fun age for reading, isn’t it? They’re young enough to still love reading with you and old enough to get the humour and understand the message behind the book. So as our little Tweenies turn 4, it’s time to roll out another list of 10 Books for 4 year old.

As a 4 year old enters the formal school, they begin to develop new and interesting emotional relationships with kids and other adults like teachers. Those new social bonds colour their experience, and that means books about friendships, empathy, confidence, self belief and values really start to hit the sweet spot. At the same time, they are still silly monkeys that like a good joke and a tickle, so goofy, entertaining books are on the agenda as well. Rounding out a 4-year-old library should be books that reflect their big feelings.

A 4 year old child typically –

  • still loves picture books and likes books with lots of details
  • loves vibrancy and silliness
  • is able to sit still for longer stories
  • can learn the mechanics of reading, but often their brains haven’t reached the stage where they can comprehend the words.

There are some amazing books to share with your four-year-old. While some go straight back on the shelves, but a few are memorable and come out over-and-over again. I’ve pulled together a reading list of some of the best books you must buy for your 4 year old. So here’re the books we are most enjoying reading this year-

10 Books You Must Buy for Your 4 year old

1. The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds


Where there’s a dot there’s a way!!! This charming story is all about self believe, expression and positive outlook. The story follows a little girl, who thinks she cannot draw, and is shown a perspective by her teacher who knows that there’s creative spirit in everyone. If you’re looking for something that will encourage your stubbornly uncreative 4-year-old to use their imagination, this title is perfect.


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2. What do People do All Day ? by Richard Scarry


I’ll be honest- we love this book for the lovely illustrations it has and so so so many things to talk about! This is an entertaining picture book that introduces young kids to different things people do around us. Packed full of activity and funny details to discover, this book is more of a celebration of life. With different characters doing different jobs, it’s a perfect answer to your curious kid when they ask you every morning while you are getting ready for work- “Mumma, where are you going?”


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3. The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

This is a whimsical story that weaves through the innocence of childhood, the joy of getting attached to a few prized possessions and in a subtle way puts across the emotion attached with memories to young children. It shows how memories are priceless, timeless and non-perishable. Come whatever may, we can still hold on to our beautiful memories and live them all over again! The sing-song lyrics at different intervals might just become your family anthem too! It’s also a good example of a story that can open up a dialogue with your child about what the world has to offer.


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4. After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again) by Dan Santat

Yet another pick from the best of the lot!

By now your child must have heard of the famous Humpty Dumpty’s fall. But what after that? How was life for Humpty Dumpty after the fall?

Well, a story that talks about the power of self-belief, courage and essential skill of fighting fear of failure- this twisted classic is a very new-age kind-of book that is a must have for a child being raised in 21st century.


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5. On The Night of the Shooting Star by Ami Hest/ Jenni Desmond

This is a beautifully illustrated book about loneliness, friendship and making new relationships. Two characters who had been living close to each other, but had never spoken, became friends on one special night! This book emphasises that no matter how different you are, you can still be friends.




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6. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

We bought this book for the sheer love for Eric Carle. His books have been a part of our lives since our babies were just a few days old! You can read our favourites for infants over here.

The storyline follows a tiny seed that survives the hazards of the journey through different seasons & terrains and finally falls onto fertile earth. The beautiful illustrations are self explanatory and will help your child understand the life cycle of a seed. It’s a little text-heavy kind of book but a 4-year old would enjoy translating the story through catchy images.


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7. How to Babysit a Grandad by Jean Reagan

This hilarious role-reversing storybook was a present from our Tweenies to their grandad. And it’s got so much love from all in our family! Written in a ‘how-to’ style, this is a fun story about how to babysit a grandad. We could quickly connect with the story coz, you know right, grandads are like this only!!!




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8. There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

Another fun & playful book in our list that adds giggles to our bedtime. This interactive story book follows a cutesy monster that has invaded the pages of the book. Children need to read aloud and follow the interactive instructions to help free the pesky monster by tilting, spinning, blowing and shaking the book. For early readers, it’s a great book to have!



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9. The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson

There was no way I could leave this book out of our recommendations because the story imparts an immensely beautiful message of ‘happiness in giving’. The story is about George who wants to look the smartest in town and roams around with joy and pride until he bumps into some animals who desperately need his help – and his clothes! The tale of kindness, large-heartedness and generosity is surely going to be loved by 4 year old kids.


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10. I’ll Wait, Mr Panda by Steve Antony

The grumpy but loveable Panda is on way to making a treat. But let’s see who all can wait till the end? This book is a perfect pick for preschoolers with a beautiful underlying message on patience & perseverance. It’s a great story for starting discussions on manners – and perhaps children can be persuaded to test how long they are prepared to wait for a small treatLess of text and more of engaging illustrations manage to hold a 4 year old’s focus and attention for a longer time.

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As you can see, there really exist plethora of options for your tot to choose from. By reading interactively together at home, your child will begin to look forward to reading independently.

Before buying, make sure to glimpse at the content and gauge whether it’s appropriate for your 4-year-old or not!

Can you recommend any other books I’ve missed?

Which of these does your 4-year-old enjoy most?

Go Mommy!

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