If your kindergartener is turning five, then I must tell you, be ready for some tremendous transformations this year. F.I.VE just seems so big. The start of school, new friendships and an evolving relationship with parents can make five a year of big changes and quite tumultuous. When so much is changing, why not upgrade your book collection too with these 10 best books for 5 year olds?

While kindergarten also marks the start of a more rigorous reading curriculum, children may get frustrated and lose their enjoyment of reading. The best books for 5-year-olds are those that will hook into their daily emotional experiences and reflect their responses right back to them.

So as your 5 year old strikes out to learn to read by themselves, let’s pick the best books for 5 year olds-

10 Best Books for 5 year olds


1. Ruby’s Worry

Well, this has to be our top choice. This gorgeous delicate story feels no less than a warm and soothing hug. The story narration is perceptive and poignant that addresses one of the most important aspects of every individual’s life- worry!

Undoubtedly, every human in this world has a worry, and each reacts to it differently. Same way, a young child has so many worries- will I be able to make a friend or will I do well in show & tell or will I be liked by everyone?

This storybook talks about many such emotions and emphasizes mainly how talking about your worry or seeking help can address so many problems and bring back happiness.

It’s a very beautiful, sensitive look at anxiety and how a problem shared is a problem halved. It demonstrates this message through gentle, subtle illustration, so even teeny children should grasp it. The soft, smudgy illustrations are easy to understand and build the story as a 5-year-old reads on.

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2. Bear snores on

This rhyming story with lyrical words is a plot full of fun, suspense, and a happy ending. The story depicts a stark contrast in a warm cozy cave with companions around and a loud thunderstorm outside. As different winter animals take shelter in the cave expecting an impromptu party, the unexpected host stays asleep through it all. But guess what, the story ends with a fun surprise!

Perfect for early independent readers, the illustrations are beautiful and captivating. A great book to snuggle down with on a cold blustery winter day.

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3. The Cat in the Hat

This classic by Dr. Seuss surely got us crackling at each page.

When Sally and her brother (which my kids quickly identified as themselves!) are left alone on a rainy day, they think they are in for a dull time – but then the Cat in the Hat steps onto the mat, bringing with him madness and mayhem.

Children will love the rhyming text, bold illustrations, and most of all the naughty & funny Cat himself.

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4. Rainbow Fish to the rescue

A sequel to The Rainbow Fish, this story touches upon topics relevant to young children like inclusion, kindness, and acceptance. The eye-catching graphics, glittery illustrations and a story with a life lesson- this is a must-have amongst the best books for 5-year-olds.

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5. The Day the Crayons Quit

A comical, fresh look at crayons and color, this storybook had to make it to our list of best books for 5 year olds. The funny storyline shares an implicit message of expressing how you feel when you’re upset, while also introducing the importance of cooperation. This book is great for when your child is feeling frustrated or left out. The story follows the crayons in a little boy’s crayon box. They were fed up with how they were being treated so they all quit working. It’s a favorite for its playful illustrations and few lines making the characters’ emotions come out very effectively.

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6. The Berenstain Bears Go to School

Welcome to the world of the Berenstain Bears with this classic. This lovely story is about the fear of starting something new.

While all the cubs in Bear Country are ready for the new school year, Sister Bear who is about to start kindergarten, cannot stop worrying. She can’t stop worrying about what it will be like. Will her teacher be nice? Will she make friends? But soon comes to find out she actually has fun in Kindergarten and enjoys going. A good ‘first day of school’ prep book. I love that the Berenstain bears books always have a moral. Children can identify with brother and sister experiences too.

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7. The girl who never made mistakes

A comforting story for growing kids who are too embarrassed to make mistakes, this book has really come in handy with our kids. The girl who literally never makes mistakes encounters the most inevitable moment one day- she makes a huge mistake in front of everyone only realizing at the end that life is more fun when you enjoy everything―even the mistakes.

A good choice for offering comfort and support to a budding perfectionist.

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8. The Colour Thief

What will happen if a grouchy giant decides to scoop all color out of the world? Well, this quaint fairytale-like story has it all- magnanimous mountains, dainty towns, lush forests, swirling seas & skies. The story revolves around the significance of color that is pointed out by one little girl who can’t see it.

Simple text, engaging plot, and beautiful illustrations make this one a must-have amongst the best books for 5-year-olds.

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9. The Bumblebear

This is a touching story about friendship and acceptance that will take the reader from a laugh riot to moments of kindness and hope and leave one smiling all the way to their hearts. Amusing colorful illustrations with witty details, such as a bee wearing a little bear costume, add gentle humor to this endearing tale about friendship and loyalty.

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10. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

‘Here We Are’ is a beautiful, heart-warming book, which is perfect for little minds as they prepare to start their journey into the great unknown. Comforting illustrations, soothing words with little text, and many intricate, yet approachable diagrams make it an interesting pick for curious 5-year-olds. The book conveys the message that it is OK to wonder and to ask questions, because just as there are all sorts of things to learn about on Earth, so too are there lots of people to ask questions to and learn from.

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Hope you enjoy these reads with your bub.

Do you have any favorites as well? Do share in the comments below. I will add it to the list!

Go Mommy!

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