Month: March 2018

6 Weeks Postpartum: The Magic Milestone

After finally being past pregnancy and the birthing experience, the next milestone for a new mother is the crucial 6-weeks period. The benchmark of 6-weeks holds significance not just in terms of growth of the newborn but also physical & mental health of the new mother.   During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several […]

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Maternity Care for Multiple Pregnancy

“You have twins? Oh wow! That’s awesome!” is the first reaction that we- the doubling mommies- get quite often. I think this is because the trend of multiple pregnancy is still not very common in India.   But, but, but… do they even know what it feels like to carry, birth and raise twins? Trust me, […]

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Looking for more reasons to travel with kids? Check this out

“Congratulations! But now forget those vacations you guys used to take! With kids around, you cannot travel before they turn at least 3 years old….” And Crasssshhhhhhh! Yes, that’s how I felt about life the day we became parents. From close friends to colleagues, almost everybody came up with this warning while they were sharing their experiences […]

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